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    University of Alberta Rankings 2020: Global Rankings, National Rankings, Subject-Specific Rankings

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    The University of Alberta has performed consistently well on international rankings over the last five years. UAlberta is among the 150 top study-abroad universities in Canada. The university is connected with 400 teaching and research partners in 50 countries, pushing away the boundaries of research knowledge of most Canadian universities. Home to some of the world’s most advanced research facilities, such as Canada’s National Institute for Nanotechnology and the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology, the university attracts the best and brightest minds from around the globe.

    The researchers at Alberta have achieved finesse in proving hypotheses related to alternative energy resources, health & life sciences, and artificial intelligence.

    University of Alberta World Ranking

    University of Alberta is fairly recognized world-wide. Following are the 2020 World Rankings of UAlberta by some renowned ranking agencies:

    World University Rankings, 2020 Rank
    Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) #89
    QS Rankings #113
    Times Higher Education #136

    1. Center for World University Rankings, 2020

    The Center for World University Rankings, also known as the CWUR Ranking is based on the indicators that compare the performance of universities on the quality of education & training, the prestige of the faculty members, and research activities submitted to the university.

    The University of Alberta is ranked 89th in the CWUR rankings 2020 with an overall score of 82.30.

    CWUR ranks the world's universities based on four indicative ranks:

    Indicators Rank
    Overall Rank 89
    Quality of Education Rank 404
    Alumni Employment Rank 387
    Quality of Faculty Rank 110
    Research Performance Rank 75

    The CWUR rankings do not rely on surveys and university data submission.

    2. QS World University Rankings 2020

    The University of Alberta is ranked #113 by the 2020 QS World University Rankings.

    QS Rankings is believed to have adopted a consistent method in its analysis of world universities. Their framework is compiled of six metrics that effectively outline a university’s performance.

    Metric Points Weight Score
    Academic Reputation  40% 58.0
    Employer Reputation  10% 41.4
    Faculty/Student Ratio 20% 57.0
    Citations Per Faculty 20% 48.8
    International Faculty Ratio 5% 91.6
    International Student Ratio  5% 80.8

    The University of Alberta has been granted an overall score of 57.3 by QS World University Ranking.

    QS world univeristy Ranking

    QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2020

    It is ranked #87 in the world for Graduate Employability by QS Employability Ranking 2020 and is known for having a fairly good partnership with its recruiters.

    Their ranking criteria is very thorough and based on the university’s reputation with the employers.

    Ranking Criteria Scores
    Overall Score 60.1
    Employer Reputation  43.3
    Alumni Outcomes 45
    Partnerships with Employers  83.5
    Employer-Student Connections  57.3
    Graduate Employment Rate 81.6

    This ranking reveals the top recruiter’s opinion on which university best prepares its graduates for the workplace.

    3. Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020

    Falling 4 positions from 2019 World University Rankings according to THE, University of Alberta ranks at 136th position in the 2020 edition. The overall score for the University of Alberta after the analysis in the year 2020 is 58.20.

    University of Alberta vs University of Toronto

    The percentage of international student enrollment at U Alberta (26%) is higher than the University of Toronto (21%). 

    Given below is the parameter-wise comparison of the two universities-

    Score Breakdown University of Alberta  University of Toronto
    Overall 58.2 85.5
    Teaching 47.9 76.6
    Research 48.8 89.5
    Citations 70.3 93.6
    Industry Income 60.5 50.5
    International Outlook 87.5 84.7

    Alberta, when compared with the highest-ranked Canadian university- U of T, shows exceptional performance in:

    • Its ability to attract students and faculty from all over the world
    • Helping commercial marketplaces and industries with innovations & inventions
    • Consultancy
    • Knowledge transfer
    U Alberta World university Ranking

    The University of Alberta National Ranking

    The University of Alberta is ranked #4 in Canada by QS World University Rankings 2020 and #6 by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020.

    Jumping one position higher from the 2019 Graduate Employability Rankings, Alberta now stands on the 3rd position in producing most employable graduates in Canada. This can be attributed to exceptional student satisfaction, graduate employability, and a good reputation among employers from the top companies.

    Alberta boasts having one of the best graduate employment rates in the country. Its career counseling center offers brilliant mentoring, internships and work-study options in Canada.


    The University of Alberta stands 6th among the top reputed schools in Canada. Colleges in this category are ranked based on a survey conducted by Maclean’s asking the views of university faculty & senior administrators, high school guidance counselors, and the recruiters from top companies on the quality of education delivered at Canadian universities.

    Maclean’s 2020 university rankings mention the University of Alberta as 6th for being the most innovative university in the country and 5th in Canada for producing leaders of tomorrow.

    Alberta also ranks in the top 5 Medical Doctoral universities in Canada. U of A is ranked 5th in this category, with 1st being the McGill University. Universities in this category have a broad range of research opportunities and Ph.D. programs in their medical schools.

    Subject -Specific Rankings

    Paleontology, Forestry, Geology, and sports-related programs are ranked within the top 100 worldwide and top 10 in Canada. U of Alberta’s faculty has earned 41 3M teaching awards, more than any other university in Canada. Its faculty includes some world-famous dinosaur experts.

    The institute is also honored as one of the top Engineering Universities in Canada.

    Below are the programs offered at Alberta recognized in the top ten by the ranking agencies:

    UAlberta Program Global Rank Ranking Body
    Paleontology #3 CWUR
    Forestry #5 CWUR
    Petroleum Engineering #5 CWUR
    Geology #5 CWUR
    Transplantation #6 CWUR
    Sports-related #9 QS Rankings

    The Alberta School of Business has distinguished itself in achieving higher ranks for Business Programs in Canada. UAlberta is ranked 3rd for its Business School and offering the best Business & Economics-related programs in Canada by Times Higher Education, QS, and Maclean’s rankings 2020.

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    Ques. What do I need to get admission into University of Alberta and also get a scholarship?

    ● Top Answer By Shivani Tiwari on 11 Jan 21

    Ans. If you do some research, you’ll find that University of Alberta has an easy-seeming acceptance rate of 51% . But here’s the catch, this rate varies with your program choice and many other things that you should keep in mind. Acceptance rate here varies with subjects, some courses are easy to get into while some have cutthroat competition.  Like all major universities, the enrollment here heavily depends upon splendid grades, test scores and completion of required subjects. Plus, if you’re an international student then you will need to be extra special so that they have a good reason to take you in. Deciding Factors For Admission: Factors like research projects and publications play a huge role Impressive SOPs and genuine LORs are very important to stand out  GPA: Im Fall 2018, 70% of the students entering Faculty of Science had a grade average of 85 and higher English Proficiency: TOEFL iBT score of 100+ with a minimum 20 in each subsequent section is recommended A GRE score of 315 and above is just next to excellent. (For PG admissions) 155+ in the quantitative section of the GRE and a 4.0 in analytical ensures that you make up for any loopholes in your application Scholarships for Internationals:  While Alberta has plenty of scholarships, they are not all available to international students. The university provides many merit-based scholarships to accomplished internationals which will make your competition tougher.  Scholarships are of different kinds and usually have different requirements. You will need an application for some of these. Mostly, these are merit and talent based and there’s cutthroat competition for these so you need to prepare really well to be eligible for these.  Around 17,130 students received 87 million CAD worth of scholarships in 2017. Interests and previous experiences are an important deciding factor in the awarding of these scholarships so make sure you prepare accordingly.Read more
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