My amazing experience at Cambrian College

    7.7 /10

    I was looking for a nice, inexpensive college in the Canada to pursue my education. Then I learned about Lee University through the internet. I submitted online application to the university's official website. I had spent around $95 on the application form. My bachelor's degree had a decent grade, which helped me gain acceptance here.

    Course Curriculum :

    It was a well-balanced and adaptable program. Less lecturing and more communication and conversation was followed by all the professors. I found each and every class to be extremely informative and fascinating. My oral and written comprehension skills greatly developed as a result of this program. Throughout the curriculum, I was required to complete practical experiments and tasks.

    Exams :

    I enrolled in the this program because I decided to start my own business. The class size was normal, and I had established a positive rapport with my professors. My TOEFL score of 87 was both taken into account for my entry. Aside from that, I had to send scanned copies of all of my relevant papers.

    Placement :

    The university's career and placement program were excellent. They hosted a series of career workshops and lectures to assist us in our quest for employment and internships. They also had a strong alumni network, which proved to be extremely beneficial.

    Events :

    They were still coming up with new and fascinating ideas. The events were extremely beneficial in assisting me in adapting to new people and cultures. Many career-related and sporting activities were held. One of my dream tournaments there was the basketball championship. I had even taken part in a few of them.

    Fees :

    I spent had about $14,400 a year on tuition and fees. In comparison to other universities, it was lower. The rest of my miscellaneous spending totaled about $1,000. Many financial assistance and scholarship opportunities were available at the university, but I had not applied for either of them.

    Faculty :

    My professors were both specialists in their disciplines. They were well-educated and had prior experience in their respective fields. They had taught us valuable lessons and were always willing to assist us with our most demanding tasks. I adored their instructional style and learned a lot from them. Most of the professors were very helpful and polite to us.

    Hostel :

    I lived at the off-campus apartment while pursuing my education. I paid almost $10,000 on my accommodation. Food and other basic amenities were available easily. I had spent about $800 on travel expenses while living there as college was little far from there.

    7.7 out of 10
    6.0/10Social Life