Engagement between students and faculty

    7.0 /10

    Strong word of mouth and many people suggested to select this institute. And Ontario colleges universally have the same standard. The main focus was to get international exposure to different people and ideas.

    Course Curriculum :

    I think that course is updated and up to the mark. The academics are strong and a little on the stricter side compared to other Ontario colleges. For our global business management course, there was no strictly industrial experience or research. However, research was an important component of various assignments. In addition, there was a capstone project where you would have to pull in all your knowledge and experience and do a business of a particular product.

    Exams :

    There was pre-requirement of a 7+ IELTS score. Good preparation will ensure that you will get good bands.

    Internship :


    Placement :

    They are various job fairs that are conducted during your course time so it is best to make good use of them. Also, professors often email students with opportunities in those respective fields. According to our statistics, around 80% of the students find employment after this course within two to three years at least. It is best to go for a specialization course right after GBM.

    Events :

    Since my education was done during the COVID-19 Pandemic and they delivery of the course was online, unfortunately, I could not get to enjoy the campus life. However there was no lack of extracurricular activities. in fact this was emphasized that the more you are into extracurricular activities the more beneficial it is for you. Extracurricular activities were conducted throughout the year.

    Fees :

    The total tuition fees was around CAD 16,500.

    Scholarship :


    Faculty :

    Faculty to student ratio is 1:26. Faculty is exceptionally professional. They're very supportive and helpful and always encourage to approach them or discuss anything with them. Professor Moaz Bajwa for Business Research & Data Analysis (BUS 8375) was extraordinary.

    Hostel :

    It is best to arrange accommodation before you arrive in Canada. And you can contact your network or other fellow students who can help you with this process. Usually, there is a lease/rent agreement, so if you happen to change your location later, you must replace yourself. So be wary of that. Sharing usually brings down the expenses, this subjected to personal preferences. There is no lack of facilities in the country such as grocery stores, shopping complex etc.

    7.0 out of 10