I have had a mixed experience as what I would like to call it. I really enjoyed the time I was physically studying in Canada since I always people around me to spend time with and bond with. i have been back home since mid march and honestly there is no degradation of education quality but it really isn't as fun or outgoing as going to college physically,

    7.3 /10

    I chose Douglas due to it's reputation of being extremely easy to transfer out from. After completing my program, I can transfer to any reputed university and complete my bachelors. Douglas offers courses according to where a student wants to transfer ( if they want to ). The college also good reputation among employers and other major universities so that's a very important box checked out for potential students.

    Course Curriculum :

    Douglas has better course selection when compared to Langara or any other college in the region. Personally most of my professors have taken up few topics I had studied back home in India and made them seem even better. With the resources I had at my disposal, it was very easy to grasp everything quickly and even be put to practical use. I wasn't able to get industrial exposure due to changing situation because of Covid-19 and had to fly back home. As for the course syllabus, everything seems important or in place perfectly.

    Exams :

    I was only required to give one standardised test and that was IELTS. My score- 7.5 ; Minimum- 6.5

    Placement :

    Due to it's great reputation in the region, I haven't heard about a lot of students not being able to find suitable employment but honestly a good majority of any graduating class just transfers out to major universities to further expand their net of employment and earn better in the future. I have seen several students being part of the Big 4 in a respectable role after their program completion so no complaints there either.

    Events :

    Douglas has a large Indian student base which makes Indian festivities a rather exciting affair. So we have Diwali, Holi and other festivals celebrated on or near campus. We also have clubs like business, computing etc which is nice to have an extra thing to write about on a resume. Events are also big on campus, we have regular sporting competitons on campus as well as other things on the side and yes we have WiFi and sports facilities but that is available on almost every campus in the country.

    Scholarship :


    Faculty :

    The faculty to student ratio is a rather convienent affair for everyone involved i.e 25-30 students and the most I have ever seen in one class is 35. This makes the job easier for everyone involved since the professor's attention doesn't get overstretched and it becomes easier for us to approach them without really scheduling appointments which is really nice considering the multiple tasks every student has to do on a daily basis.

    Hostel :

    No, I live without my uncle's family here so I don't really pay any rent but one thing is for sure that housing doesn't come cheap near New Westminster.

    7.3 out of 10