I finished my education in April 2020 . I also got my licensed of practical nurse and now start working and I am really making good amount of money .Thanks to my colleges that provide me such a good education.

    8.2 /10

    We had a good experience with Conestoga College before because my sister had already graduated from Conestoga College in a similar programme, and because of the quality of her education, I also wanted to go there to study.

    Course Curriculum :

    Practical Nursing is related to the human health programme and students can gain health skills. Porgram is about physical and physiological sciences. Academics are: Nursing Knowledge, Laboratories, Anatomy and Physiology, Medicinal Chemistry, English, Mathematics, etc. Yes, College also provided me with industrial exposure.

    Exams :

    "My scores : 77/100 - Maths , 80/100- Biology , 82/100- Chemsitry, 68/100- Physics English Proficiency : 7.0 Bands : Reading : 6.5 , Listening-7.5 ,Writing : 7.0 bands ,Speaking: 7.0. Class minimum scores : 6.0 bands not less than 6.0

    Placement :

    Yes, businesses such as Grand River Hospital, Old Age Homes, Residential Homes, Private Clinics come across campus and recruit students. All the aspects that provide people with work are dealt with by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

    Events :

    As an undergraduate student, i had a daunting yet satisfying experience. At this institute, there is a lot of space to expand. Also a wonderful environment for learning with other like-minded students who enjoy learning and various libraries to relax and read. If you take the initiative to make friends with your professors and colleagues, you will not 'feel like a number'. The beautiful campus looks like a historic building with all new facilities and wifi, elevators, Tim Hortans, Labs, small classes.

    Scholarship :

    I applied for scholarships when I completed my 2 semester and because of good academic grades ,I got scholarship of 2000CAD dollars .

    Faculty :

    10 professors and 71 students are the total number of faculty members in my programme. Quite compassionate registrars and staff, world-class academics, and extremely passionate health science professors.

    Hostel :

    No , I live with my sister in a condo and Condo have 2 rooms and we both live in separate rooms and also have kitchen, lobby area , Balcony and 2 washrooms . Rent of condo is 700 CAD

    8.2 out of 10