My experience at Columbia turned out to be a learning curve. Challenging yet rewarding since I had to manage everything on my own and after trial and error, I had everything under control.

    6.5 /10

    What makes Columbia so special is it's location. BC is one of the fast progressing regions in North America and new jobs related to the field of psychology grow too as new companies set up shop in the region. Second, the flexibility the college provides so Students can either choose their own courses accordingly if they wanna transfer to a better uni or call it quits and enter the job market with an associate degree from one of the top colleges in BC.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course work is drawn up taking psychology in mind, so topics related to Human Behavior, mental processes, professional communication etc. make up the core of the program. 60 credits are needed to complete the requirements for an associate's. So after core courses, we pick electives which are basically easier courses and are meant to fill that void for remaining credits. These courses should be chosen carefully if a student wishes to complete their bachelors degree in the same major after completion.

    Exams :

    My scores in a test for English proficiency were needed even before I paid my application fee. My score: IELTS- 8.0 Required Minimum- 6.5 overall

    Placement :

    Unlike CS or Business, psychology grads can work in multiple fields such as working as an HR, Consultants. All in all a field in demand in North America at the moment. It pays the most after completing a bachelor's degree and that is what i intend to do. Companies attend job fairs where potential employees come to them and not the other way around. Median Salary in this field is about 50000 CAD. It's a challenging but rewarding line of work and each company today needs HRs or consultants or centers for mental health always have openings.

    Events :

    Columbia is mostly made up of international students so Indian festivals are on display as they approach. Columbia being a rather small institute will not host events on the same scale as universities such as SFU. Clubs are available at all other educational institutes and it's the same here so if students have something they like to do and are willing to put a couple of hours towards, it's great and it earns praise among employers if a higher position is held by a student. For events, we have themed days, activities on student health so and so forth. Plus WiFi, sports facilities are available too specifically if students want to play sports for recreational purposes.

    Scholarship :


    Faculty :

    Faculty is part of the overall experience and I personally believe Columbia can improve here. What I noticed was Visiting Faculty doesn't listen to student's feedback on how they want a course to be approached whereas professors working in a fixed role tend to show more flexibility. Flexibility is my only concern apart from that, I have been more than satisified with what the faculty has had to offer here.

    Hostel :

    I live in Surrey and since I own a personal car, I have to commute an hour coming and going back but the rent is like 550 CAD which is nothing when compared to living in other places near Vancouver. I have rented an apartment with my sibling for like 1100 CAD/ month which we split. Both of us have our bedrooms with adjoining baths.

    6.5 out of 10