My journey in Conestoga College

    6.5 /10

    The reason behind choosing conestoga college is my friends already studying there and it's located in Waterloo where there are many jobs opportunities and also it's a public college I can be qualified for three year work permit after graduation

    Course Curriculum :

    The course program is such a easy and well distributed that a student no need to do much effort and programme syllabus is very updated and academic wise different subjects in different semesters like accountings ,financings ,marketing marketing strategies, leadership qualities,business softwares ,English 101 and many electives.

    Exams :

    Admission process vary depending upon year which you are applying. When I applied college was seeking ielts score of 6.0 each and minimum 60 percent marks in 12th in commerce background . My scores were also same that time 6.0 each and 70 percent marks in 12th

    Placement :

    There is a career centre in the middle of the college where the student can go and find the job and also do the training for the interview and learn the Resume making skills are and so many companies come in the campus and hire students on the spot but not all get the benefit from this operation it is because the talented and most deserving get the job from the college campus and also the students having coop also get the job from the career Centre from the online portal or with the help of a faculty

    Events :

    Conestoga campus is located in Waterloo and the biggest campus among all the othet branches of college and there is everything that a student require: a library ,cafeteria, labs ,research areas ,career centre, the library, computer centres and facilities of Wi-Fi ,also many sports facilities are there basketball ,badminton and many indoor activities and overall the college has a very beautiful building where a student can get everything under one roof

    Scholarship :

    I Got good GPA like more than 3 GPA and after getting a good GPA I was a qualified for getting a scholarship of $2,000 and I applied and got a discount in my next tuition fees for upcoming semesters.

    Faculty :

    As a student in conestoga college 12 members of business program in my area and students were approximately more than 50 and all the professors are highly qualified and then know how to teach a student and their strategies are quite adorable

    Hostel :

    From the beginning I live with my friends and I am paying in 350 dollars for a month including everything and for the groceries I usually do grocery on my own and cook food and the cost of groceries nearby $200 a month

    6.5 out of 10