BBA class of 2023

    7.2 /10

    I accepted my offer to complete an undergraduate program because at Fraser Valley there was a more than satisfactory Business Program at my disposal. Perhaps most economical when discussing tuition costs and rent in the area around Abbotsford, where the university is. I adore the small class sizes at the university along with how attentive it's business faculty is. I chose Business Administration at UFV because of it being a route to my goals of working in the field of Finance or Accounting

    Course Curriculum :

    What I have been taught so far seems relevant to the line of work I want to pursue right after graduation. UFV doesn't expect students to know what major they want to work towards right after high school so the program is generalized which means it is necessary for a student to complete introductory courses in all branches of business. Everything part of the program is the latest in business and finance overall.

    Exams :

    My study abroad application required an IELTS My score: IELTS 7.5 Class minimum score : IELTS 6.5

    Placement :

    Profiles offered to business graduates rely heavily on each grad's concentrations and experience. Junior Business or Financial analyst, Risk Management for insurance companies, Junior Accountant are some of the more common profiles for business graduates. Honestly, the university is pretty small as compared to others in the region but according to professors, more than 88% of the 2019 class of Business found adequate job offers within 3 months of graduation. The placement process is as simple as going to companies ourselves with our marketable skills and a pretty resume and hope to be a fit for the position. Median Salary = 55000- 60000 CAD

    Events :

    UFV is less of a school and more of a community where students do like talking and networking since most of it's students are living near to each other in one small town so it's a warm community. The university has excellent funding program for it's athletics and sports department and for a minimal cost of about 200 CAD / year provides access to all the facilities related to sports. I personally like to shoot some hoops between classes and I am able to go to the sports center and play with other strangers from the university from time to time. Our students also have the opportunity to engage in badminton, volleyball etc.

    Scholarship :


    Faculty :

    I love how small each class is, no more than 30 students are part of a class and it allows more room to approach professors without hesitation. Instructors follow a culture where students are supported throughout their programs, I still communicate with my year 1 professors. Some professors can be the cause for headaches but most of them seem to be knowing what they do and get good results.

    Hostel :

    I have rented a basement in Abbotsford among 3 more Indian students and my tenants are Indians too and live upstairs. We are responsible for keeping the place clean and tidy. Our kitchen came with a fridge, granite top, microwave, gas. We had to take care of the crockery however. Bedrooms are personal however and I prefer to keep it that way. Each of our bedrooms come with attached bathrooms too and a single washer and dryer. Overall cost is 800 CAD/ student and internet is another 25 CAD.

    7.2 out of 10