How I got to St' Clair


    I opted for this college because my relatives live very close by to this university. Its about 30 minutes drive and also it being comparatively cheaper than other nursing colleges here in Canada. The application form cost me $100 for which I filled up through the online college portal.

    Course Curriculum :

    It was very fast paced and I had to take a lot of notes in order to keep up with the course. Lectures are sometimes interactive and sometimes boring but it is really important not to miss out on notes.

    Exams :

    I joined this course because I wanted to become a nurse and help people. We were a class of 30 students and in order to study here I sat for my IELTS exam{6.0}. I also had to get a study permit for which I had to go through the interview in the Canadian Embassy.

    Events :

    Surprisingly, this college is really into Indian culture and there are a lot of Indian students studying here. Cultural events take place which is really nice, as from here I was able to learn about so many different cultures and cuisines.

    Fees :

    I paid $7500 for a year

    Examination Structure :


    Faculty :

    We were a class of 30 students with 3 different professors guiding us on our education. The relation was very formal and not much more than that, but we got all the help that was needed in order to pass our semesters.

    Hostel :

    I lived off campus with my relatives as the college was very close from my relative's place. I worked part time, which made up for my fees and also I was able to make extra money for my personal expenses.

    7.8 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life