Affordable and Diverse: Douglas College

    8.5 /10

    I was really confused while choose a college for myself but as soon as I came across this college, I knew that this would be a great fit for me the tuition was under my budget and the level of diversity this college had was just so impressive for me, hence I was convinced to apply here. I applied here by paying around $80 for the online application mode.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course is providing me with the opportunity to develop and carry out supervised, independent research. Pursing this program was an excellent option as I'm interested in pursuing graduate work in psychology or another discipline. The program is training us for a variety of possible careers in psychology, including clinical or counseling practice, academic research, human resources, or criminal justice.

    Exams :

    I've always been curious about the way the human mind works and wanted to gain deeper knowledge about it and get to know the way of life. I had to submit my TOEFL score of 87 as proof of my English proficiency along with other documents such as SOP, LORs, and my official transcripts.

    Events :

    Here, my college organizes various events such a seminars, workshops, musical auditions, some other sports are also conducted in my college.

    Fees :

    The fee is affordable for me as compared to other colleges offering bachelor's program. I pay an amount of $13,500 for my program and as for the books and supplies, I pay around $900 for it.

    Examination Structure :


    Faculty :

    Here, I'm being taught by experienced professionals who provide us with the insight and training necessary to succeed in a medical career. Our instructors ensure that the skills are acquired through extensive practice, collaboration, and real-world experiences. My faculty is an excellent place to hone critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.

    Hostel :

    Currently, I live in the on-campus residence at the New Westminster Campus. It is a six-floor level building house well-equipped gymnasium, fitness center, Amelia Douglas gallery, studio theatre, a center for students with a disability, Media lab, Dance studio, cafeteria, etc. Annually, I have to pay around $8,000 for the room and around $3,000 for the food.

    8.5 out of 10
    9.0/10Social Life