Older and Better: University of Winnipeg

    9.2 /10

    Along with this being one of the oldest public universities in Canada, it is also considered to be one of the universities with better infrastructure and more facilities and these were the reasons that motivated me to apply for this university. To start the admission process, I submitted my an online application form through the online admission portal of the official website by paying an application fee of $120.

    Course Curriculum :

    My curriculum included study in subject areas of botany, zoology, microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology, ecology, animal behavior and genetics. Within these diverse subject areas, our department offers a wide variety of courses and programs that lead to both Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Master of Science (MSc) degrees. Our students are well prepared for careers in many of the areas related to biology or for further studies in professional or graduate schools.

    Exams :

    Biology has always been a subject of interest to me, so after completing high school with medical stream, I decided to opt for this program. The admission process required me to submit my IELTS score of 7 along with my high school transcript of 8.4 GPA.

    Events :

    My university organizes several types of competitions, seminars, cultural programs from time to time on the campus premises.

    Fees :

    The structure of my fees includes my tuition and fee of $13,000, Health insurance of $250, and $1000 for books and supplies. Financial aids that we qualify for are scholarships, grants, student jobs, and external aids. I've also applied for President's Scholarship whose results are still awaited, if selected, I'll be getting getting $5000 award amount.

    Examination Structure :


    Faculty :

    My faculty members here bring their industry experience and scholarly expertise in Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Ecology, and Genetics. Most of them are rigorous researchers and renowned writers in their respective fields. Other than this, studying in a classroom of about 29 students is indeed very helping for better engagement.

    Hostel :

    Living on-campus was the better option as I didn't have ant clue about this country. Here, my room features include a desk, cabinet, mirror, closet, desk chair, wardrobe, bed, desk lamp, and dresser and the amenities that are being provided to me are microwave, fridge, common areas, lounges, study areas, televisions, 24-hour security, air conditioners, kitchen (shared), living room, laundry, storage area, and front and back yards with deck, barbeque, and benches. To avail these facilities, I'm currently paying around $12000 for living here and for the meal plan.

    9.2 out of 10
    9.0/10Social Life