My opinion of this university

    6.2 /10

    I was keen to obtain the experience of excitement of receiving the iconic X-Ring upon graduation - a renowned symbol of scholarship and connection to a wider, worldwide community. My GPA was 7. I had to submit a common application form. I was keen to get admitted here.

    Course Curriculum :

    Mathematics is the science of structure, order, and relation. It deals with logical quantitative reasoning. Statistics is the science and art of data collection and analysis. It deals with estimation, hypothesis testing, and decision making. At StFX, I could undertake studies that focus on either or both fields.

    Exams :

    When I made a commitment to study and live within the StFX community, my university makes a commitment to be there to support my dreams and accomplishments. Think of them as my partners in success; my team of professionals dedicated to helping me when I need it. I was required to submit my IELTS score of 8. The documents required were my official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and an essay.

    Placement :

    The Student Success Centre continues to provide all of the services and support for us that we have in recent years, with one significant change: meetings with learning skills instructors will normally be held online in Collaborate virtual offices.

    Events :

    I could edit the school newspaper, get on-air experience at the student-run radio station, join the skydiving society, go rock climbing, volunteer, get involved in a range of sport and recreational activities, and much more.

    Faculty :

    With small class sizes and a personal environment that maximizes individual attention, as an StFX Mathematics and Statistics student, I was well educated for further success in graduate studies, education programs, and industry. The student-faculty ratio was around 20:1.

    Hostel :

    At StFX, the residences are more than just buildings. By design, they are spaces that shape the legendary community spirit; spaces where I lived and learned with like-minded people who share many of my interests. My living expenses were around $7000.

    6.2 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life