My Life in "Douglas College".

    7.3 /10

    I heard about this university from one of uncle whose son did his bachelors from this university. My percentage in 12th class was 89% and through out my school education, I had been a good student. The admission process was not too lengthy, I had to just apply here along with some documents and study permit, and the interview was normal, there was no need to pay attention on it separately.

    Course Curriculum :

    This course had prepared me for different areas in the world of business, including transfer to a university, starting a business, managing a business, accounting, computer systems, marketing, sales, etc. It was a four semester course had having total of 60 credits out of which 15 credits were must be completed at my campus.

    Exams :

    My score in IELTS exam was 6.8 in my first attempt. Apart from that, as per the norms of college, I had to apply for a study permit before entering the college. Soon I got my permit and I took admission here. All the basic documents were required here whether It was related to my school education or international identity.

    Placement :

    There were many job opportunities inside the campus. The only eligibility to do work inside the campus was that scholar must be enrolled in the full time course. Personally I was in new west campus, so I worked there, and the working limit for me was 20 hours per week. Coming to the placement opportunity, I got placed as an operation consultant in westjet during my campus drive.

    Events :

    The common festivals celebrated here were drama festival, festival of light, new year celebrations, grad bash, earth day, art & craft festival etc.

    Faculty :

    I had a great relation ship with all of my faculty members. They always helped me in making assignments, solving tough analysis on the practical consequences. Qualification wise, all of them were highly educated and had PhD in their respective domain. I was lucky that I was trained under such professionals.

    Hostel :

    In my on-campus residency, I got a shared bedroom, a pair of table and chair, a big lounge area, kitchen, sports grounds, cafeteria, wifi, laundry services etc. The charges for my stay and meal were worth $10000.

    7.3 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life