My Career Builder - Yorkville University !

    8.3 /10

    I came to Yorkville to nobody to get the degree but the goal was to ensure that I would have a good career going forward. After completing my school education, I consulted with a private agency in order to get aware of the top universities of Canada, and hence I landed up here. My cost of online application was $70 and the whole process of admission was easy.

    Course Curriculum :

    In my course curriculum I had been given such topics via which I got the clear way to accomplish my career goals. Almost common subject were there in my syllabus but the major difference was the environment, flexibility and amazing faculty members. Moreover I was elated to know that my class size was too short. Average strength of single batch was not more than 22 students here. My course duration was 2.5 years which further divided in to semesters.

    Exams :

    Classes at my campus were small with no more than 20 students. The population of scholars was multicultural and there was a lot of activity on campus. There was an energetic team assigned for the smooth admission process in collaboration with agents worldwide. I didn't find much difficult to get enrolled here. Nevertheless, all of my school and international transcripts were required in the admission process. My TOEFL score was 96.

    Placement :

    My university gave me a chance to discover myself, realize what I am strong in and how to become a leader. I actually got a clear understanding of what was expected or how to meet the deadlines in the real world. I got placed in my final year in Westjet with an annual CTC worth $45000. Undoubtedly I can say that the placement rates of this college are consistently high in the city as compared to other institutes.

    Events :

    There are many festivals celebrated here but Holi was my favorite one that I loved to attend the most.

    Faculty :

    Dr. Rick Davey, the president of my university is a great personality and he always worked on the obstacles that came in between the maximum results here. I didn't go for just a lecture daily but I used to do a lot of activities, the majority of exercises during my day. Also, there were workshop sessions that helped me remember to transition into my life. I must say I am extremely happy that I had studied at this university.

    Hostel :

    My campus had multiple classrooms, computer labs, a library, a large student lounge, and a sample room for meetings. The campus was easily accessible by train, bus, transit, and ferry. My in-campus residency was too big and the environment was too amazing there. Almost every basic and advanced facilities were there for the welfare of students. The fees of my accommodation were around $20000 per annum including my meal cost.

    8.3 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life