Review by parteek

    6.8 /10

    My sister lives in Surrey, Canada. So I was looking for a college near Surrey or Vancouver. Other than that, I wanted to do a technical course from a public college or university which left me with only two choices of college which were BCIT and Douglas college. BCIT was not offering any post graduate 2 year program at the time, therefore I opted for Douglas college where I got admission in Post Baccalaureate diploma.

    Course Curriculum :

    I believe that this course is well suited for advanced learning in multiple fields such as java, web development, UX/UI design, data structure, mobile development, and web scripting.

    Exams :

    IELTS score 7; minimum requirement of IELTS score is 6.5(no less than 6) Degree in either computer science or electronics and communications engineering

    Internship :

    No I did not opted for any internship.

    Placement :

    I am currently studying, therefore I do not have any experience of post - study placements but I have heard good reviews of the opportunities and placements of this college

    Events :

    I have only attended college for 2 months. After that COVID-19 hit Canada and from then on I am only attending online classes. The 2 months experience that I had my fabulous. College had gym, indoor sports facilities , and really good wifi

    Fees :

    One course cost approximately $1800 Canadian dollars, there are 20 courses in 2 year program

    Scholarship :

    No, I didn’t receive any scholarship.

    Examination Structure :


    Faculty :

    One professor is allocated 25-35 students in a section of a class which I believe is perfect in order to deliver best possible knowledge as well as give personalized learning if required. Professors can be reached through e-mail and easy to approach The professor who has really impacted my student in upward direction is Padmapriya

    Hostel :

    I did not opted for college accommodation as my sister lives in surrey

    6.8 out of 10