My experience at College of New Caledonia

    7.3 /10

    The College of New Caledonia is located in Prince George, which is a small city contains almost everything.the main attraction of this college is less tuition fee compared to any other colleges or universities. Moreover, the Pdit program is helping us for getting different types of certificates like ccna, data centre, comptia a+, Microsoft server, Linux and so on. This will help us for getting a good job

    Course Curriculum :

    The course are in my program is very good, these will definitely helpful for the future. By studying this Pdit program we are able to get the certificates from Cisco, Microsoft,comptia a+ , and so on. The teaching style is very good, contains many quizzes, labs, exams, assignments , group activities. Almost everything about IT is here, in this program. Due to the corona everything is in online including our labs. The in person labs were better than the online because we have the chance to use all the Orginal equipments.for every course we need 72% to pass .

    Exams :

    Need an Ielts with minimum 6 and overall 6.5 ;however, they are accepting 5.5 for only one and overall 6 only some cases

    Internship :


    Placement :

    It’s depends upon the student because if you have a valid certificate for specialization, you will definitely get a job eg: ccna, comptia a+ There is no need of good GPA for your academic.

    Events :

    We have a lot of clubs for helping students almost 5-6 events will be there in campus in every month. Everybody can participate on that .the campus life is very good,.sometime they are give opportunities for talk with different company representatives,this will help for getting job.when the corona time started, the student union gave $300 for all the students those who are eligible

    Fees :

    $23000 it contains lab materials excluding text book and online subscription

    Scholarship :

    Not yet

    Examination Structure :


    Faculty :

    Here is one student union, if we have any problems, we can directly talk to them about our concerns. All the academic stuffs will be given by the instructors excluding online subscription and texts but we can access the texts from the library if you want.if someone behave in a negative manner we can talk to the management, teachers or the security, they will tackle that with in a time.

    Hostel :

    I do live in an appartment the cost is $325 .in addition I have to pay $40 for both wifi and electricity. We 3 students are living in this appartment. Every body has single room and 2 bathrooms are here. We have to pay 4.60 $ for dress washing and drying. The heating facility is included on the appartment rent.

    7.3 out of 10