Why CMU was the best place for me to be.

    10.0 /10

    Small class sizes/school size. I could do sciences and theology at the same place. I wanted somewhere closer to home, so I stayed within the province (I'm from rural Manitoba, so we have to move no matter what) but I wanted a small school where people were actually known as people and not numbers.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course curriculum was great for absolutely all my classes, across disciplines, and executed well by all of my professors. I have nothing negative to say about it. I think that a good curriculum can be done badly, but if profs care about their students, they will educate them well.

    Fees :

    We are charged per credit hour, most classes at 3hrs. Then there are the housing fees the particular building, as well as taxes on the classes, student life fee, student ID fee, and meal plan.

    Scholarship :

    Yes. It was very simple. They look at marks for entrance scholarships and the continuation of them. Student aid was also a huge player. I applied with my province, which automatically applied me for the national. There were sometimes delays in funding, but it all turned out ok.

    Examination Structure :

    Each professor does it differently, and each faculty does it differently. The percentage of the final grade also differs from class to class. We often write in the same room we had the class in, as well.

    Faculty :

    My faculty is amazing! I had astounding professors who cared not only about my education in their classes, but how they all fit together, and how to translate into the real world.

    Hostel :

    The best experience of my life so far, I'd say, was living in residence. Although the buildings are a bit old, they have character, and the community fostered within their walls is unlike anything else. I did dorm for three years and was a residence assistant, then moved into an on-campus apartment, which was also lovely. I highly recommend it! The food is good, too!

    10.0 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life