6.0 /10

    Glendon College offers many great programs however the deciding factor for me was its French programs. As a bilingual student, it was important for me to find not only a program but also a college and an environment that provided many bilingual opportunities.

    Course Curriculum :

    The curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts in French studies is very good, it offers many opportunities to expand your French skills as well as many different levels of French classes from basic to expert.

    Exams :

    On the SAT I scored 1450, I also have taken many university-level exams with scored ranging between 75-86%.

    Internship :

    Yes, this college does provide internship opportunities however this is only the case on a higher level throughout your degree, not at a basic entry-level. For example, internship opportunities would be offered to those possibly doing a BEd in teachers college, which is one the undergrad is complete.

    Events :

    There are many events every week within the college organized by many clubs and the student union, celebrating and all holidays or events from around the world. These are nice opportunities to meet new people and take a break from studying.

    Fees :

    These fees include the cost of living, transportation including bus fare, gas money, and parking fares.

    Scholarship :

    Only entry-level scholarships, those which depend on your grades and academic accomplishments but this only was in my first year.

    Examination Structure :

    The exam structure depends on the program itself but also the course and the professor. Most of the exams I have written however consist of a long answer, development questions and/or essay equestrians which pertain to the material learned in class.

    Faculty :

    The faculty is very well managed and organized, offering a broad amount of classes and sub-program possibilities however some of the faculty members are not as nice and accommodating as one would hope.

    Hostel :

    I do not live on campus, as it is only a 45-minute commute. Therefore I still live at home. However, sometimes it would be useful to live on campus. If I did opt for this I would not choose to live on campus though I would opt to rent a place in the surrounding area.

    6.0 out of 10
    6.0/10Social Life