About STU

    7.8 /10

    Criminology program, low tuition cost, close to home. Stays close to home allowed me to save an abundance of money, all the while being able to attend a university that was rich with academics. This also allowed me to not have the stress of living on my own while trying to explore my first year of university.

    Course Curriculum :

    The program offers a wide variety of subjects, whether you have an interest in the social sciences, language or arts.

    Exams :

    No required course materials or testing provides a solid foundation for a policing program afterwards. Many who complete the program go on to a successful career in policing. I like the option of getting a quality education while able to save money by living at home. There were also many scholarships available.

    Placement :

    I'm not sure, I've never looked into it. I know for policing once you have obtained your degree getting a job is easier although I know many of my friends are going on to complete their masters and or PhD.

    Fees :

    Tuition is offered lower than other campuses. Scholarships are available if a certain grade point average is obtained. I was able to have two scholarships that allowed me to have a lower financial burden. I also worked throughout my degree which helped with the stress of paying for tuition. Many students have to take out loans.

    Scholarship :

    Yes, I received 2 scholarships that I was able to keep all 4 years.

    Faculty :

    Majority of the faculty is welcoming, understanding and helpful. Being dug a small campus many professors knew you on a first name basis and were very approachable.

    Hostel :

    I lived off-campus to save on money as it was cheaper. Living in residence can be quite expensive so I stayed home for 2 years and then moved out and got an apartment for 2 years. Meal hall was included.

    7.8 out of 10
    7.0/10Social Life