International Immigrant Student Life

    9.0 /10

    I found this place with the help of my Consultant. Also, I've been searching for this place since I was in my home country and get in love with the place, this is the warmest weather in B.C. and it's beautiful. I'm hoping and praying to stay here for good. It's a good place to retire, wishing my family to bring here too. Lots of opportunities and being in love with nature helps.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course curriculum was okay.

    Exams :

    I took IELTS and scored 6.5. I'm a Nursing student back time and had a little background in the Business program so I chose this program.

    Internship :

    Yes, I'm currently working as an IT Monitor and I work in the library too. Been planning to join Co-Op we're in, it's the school that will help you get it with good employers to practice your skills for 6 months.

    Placement :

    It's nice as I get my online interview and was about to join TD Family but didn't pursue cos I was busy with my summer jobs. Currently doing 3 jobs right now, in the home care facility and as a server in an Italian Restaurant.

    Events :

    We have a lot of activities going on. We also celebrate international events were international student gets to host their country and present it with their culture, food and ways.

    Fees :

    We don't have any scholarships available for international students. It makes our study difficult as International Student pays like 3-4x per course. And that's is a lot. We had to work very hard just to pay our tuition fee in time without getting drop by the professors.

    Faculty :

    They are approachable and was very helpful. Very friendly staff and energetic.

    Hostel :

    Off-campus because it's cheaper. I have been looking for accommodation from Facebook which is very helpful as it's where I usually get all the places or the apartment that I'm currently living in right now. It helps a lot.

    9.0 out of 10
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