Quite Pleasant to Settle In.

    9.8 /10

    I initially looked towards this program when my Culinary Technology teacher in High School suggested it to me. I applied, paid the $50 application fee, and sent in my transcripts and personal information. I applied solely to this college as I believed I had a good chance with my background. The admission process and waiting period afterwards were smooth and there were always people to answer any questions I had.

    Course Curriculum :

    I feel like it's a strong course load that covers all of the Necessary and mandatory classes, while also adding in subjects that explore interesting aspects and additions to the culinary experience.

    Exams :

    I opted for this Culinary Arts program for the quality of the program, as well as my grades matched up with their required scores, which required a general level. I also felt like this course was a for as I had a background with a large amount of volunteering and a few awards that distinguished me.

    Internship :

    The college does offer an internship opportunity over the summer for the Culinary students. It allows us to work towards gaining hours for our red seal and gain more experience with a trained chef in a real kitchen. This can easily be accessed by speaking to a counsellor or the internship coordinators. As well, there are summer jobs on campus that you can get involved with by speaking to the college administration. Good academic standing is highly preferred.

    Placement :

    There are many options for students when looking into summer internships for culinary. The college has connections with chefs and organizations all over, national and international. Mainly this consists of all of Canada, the US, and some parts of Europe. But there are also a few opportunities elsewhere.

    Events :

    Currently, we are celebrating 50 that the college has been running and offering courses. There is a welcoming celebration for all of the new incoming students that happens the first week and includes food, entertainment, and welcoming speeches. There are also many events that are put on by the residences life coordinators to allow students to build connections and become more comfortable with their surroundings and living arrangements.

    Fees :

    The tuition fee for a regular student was $6577 alongside other fees. And the tuition fee for an international student is the same with an additional $4000 of fees that include a health fee. I was not awarded a loan, but there are many loans and grant options available for incoming students in need of financial assistance.

    Faculty :

    I'm a fan of the faculty/student ratio. The culinary arts classes are divided into many groups to allow the students to have more 1-1 time with the chefs and teachers. It makes the learning process altogether easier. They're all intelligent people, and they have wonderful certifications and training from all over the world.

    Hostel :

    I live in residence, and it ends up being the cheapest for rest with the largest and newest space. The accessibility of the residence and how close it is in proximity to the waterfront Culinary centre was a large draw for me as well. The residence does not include a meal plan, and there isn't one offered, however, will the Holl Pass you are provided one meal a day that includes an appetizer, an entree, a dessert and a drink. Living with a roommate in two separate locked rooms is quite easy and has not posed any challenges.

    9.8 out of 10
    9.0/10Social Life