Griffith university forensic science and criminology student review

    7.8 /10

    I originally was going to study nursing but a friend mentioned forensic science and I knew that was what I should study. I find crime and why people commit crime incredibly interesting and wanted to move states for university so Griffith was my top choice as it was close to Brisbane city and is known for their science programs. After deciding to do forensic science I chose to do the double degree simply because it was only an extra year to get two degrees. I know love both the forensic side and the criminology side of my degree. I applied for 4 different universities but only 2 offered forensic science and I was offered a guaranteed place in forensic science at Griffith as my ATAR score was significantly higher than needed to enter the degree which was another added bonus in me choosing to go to Griffith.

    Course Curriculum :

    I love the courses, however, during your first year, you have to complete a lot of core classes that seemed to have little relevance to my major. I did not enjoy those subjects are found them somewhat difficult to complete.

    Exams :

    I think the ATAR score needed to enter the degree was 60 and I got an 84 so I got a guaranteed place. I didn't have to sit any extra exams, just my year 12 high school exams. I was however required to do English in year 12 as a prerequisite. I choose to do this program was it only takes an extra year to get 2 degrees and I'm really interested in crime and why people commit a crime. In total, I need 350 credit points to complete it.

    Fees :

    Each class is between $800-$1200 per trimester, however, I have applied for HEC help loan which allows me to get a loan from the government which I don't pay back till I start working and earn over a specific amount. We also have to pay fees of services to the uni of about $200 per trimester for things they offer students for free such as lunch days, nursing visits and counseling sessions.

    Examination Structure :

    I don't like how the exams are spaced, we only have a 3-day study break between week 12 and start of exams which doesn't give much time for extra study. Exams are also at ridiculous times such as 7 pm.

    Faculty :

    I like the majority of the faculty.

    Hostel :

    I live in off-campus university accommodation which my boyfriend. It is a self-contained apartment with a bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. We don't have an oven but we have a stovetop which still allows us to cook lots of different meals. We choose not to live on campus as couples aren't allowed to share a room and our rent would have been too expensive.

    7.8 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life