My take on Brandon University

    8.0 /10

    I really liked the town it's in and when I visited the university before I had started, it was very welcoming and nice. The school is a very good size for me and I felt I would be able to interact with professors well if I needed it.

    Course Curriculum :

    I like how flexible it is, I wasn't interested in being in a specific program with very specific courses. I was looking to do a lot of the course choosing on my own. I do have to follow a guideline for my degree though but I still get a lot of independence in the course selections.

    Fees :

    I'm not too familiar with the fee structure but I do know that many things are included in your tuition such as a gym membership, public transit, and use of many other facilities on campus.

    Examination Structure :

    I have yet to experience final exams since I started this winter, but so far my tests have been simple and easy to understand. My profs make it challenging but nothing that we can't handle. They don't throw in questions to throw us off.

    Faculty :

    They are very welcoming and are available to help whenever. A lot of my profs like to let the class know that if there is anything we need, that we can go to them and they will help in the best way possible.

    8.0 out of 10
    6.0/10Social Life