Experience of Holland College being a first year student

    10.0 /10

    When I was looking into applying for post-secondary education no other place came to mind except Holland College. I heard of Holland College by it's a local college located super close to my house and there had been so many great reviews that really urged me to go there. The application process is super easy and didn't take very long personally. There are some application fees however that's not really any different compared to other schools. I only applied to Holland College and nowhere else because I was so hopeful of getting into the school and didn't really want the option to go anywhere else. I also wanted to try and stay local as well as they have a really high rate for graduates getting jobs straight out of school.

    Course Curriculum :

    My opinion on the course curriculum is that it is a really good selection and it is taught really well.

    Exams :

    I choose the Tourism and Travel Management program because it's such a big business and creates a lot of revenue especially during the summer months on Prince Edward Island. The class sizes are relatively small with about 35 students in each class. As long as you have graduated high school you are eligible for this program.

    Internship :

    Holland College does offer internship opportunities since this is still my first year I don't have much if any experience with them yet however I am looking to get into soon. Like anything, there are application processes to go to but a lot of people will get them through references. The work you could be doing is related to the program but there are a lot of different jobs you can get.

    Placement :

    There is a really high percentage of graduates getting placements right out of school. The pay usually starts at about minimum wage and the percentage of students getting these jobs was about 97% in 2017.

    Events :

    There are lots of events celebrated at Holland College, but it's best to check their calendar to see what is going on.

    Fees :

    In my program tuition for the first year is about $7000. I did, however, attain a scholarship of $5000 for the Wanda Wyatt scholarship. This scholarship is all about keeping the culture on Prince Edward Island thriving and how it is as individuals can contribute and since I do traditional styles of dancing I could receive this scholarship. There is also an additional $2000 that students from Prince Edward Island who are staying on the Island receive called the George Coles. There are also many different scholarships at Holland College that international students can receive.

    Scholarship :

    I received one scholarship. I received the Wanda Wyatt scholarships worth $5000 for the first year. The process of applying to scholarships can be a little long and cumbersome but is definitely worth it in the end.

    Examination Structure :

    At Holland, College exams happen twice away. However in select programs there no real exam. For example in my program Tourism and Travel Management, we don't have any exams just test and there are still very few of those.

    Faculty :

    The teaching faculty at Holland College is amazing, they really do have some of the best teachers. The class sizes are small therefore the student-teacher ratio is really good. Everyone's teaching still is different but they all adapt to how each person learns and will make sure you understand it before they walk away.

    Hostel :

    There is much reason to live on campus but I opted out and stayed at home because of less cost. Living on campus can be expensive but everything is included such as electricity, water, internet, etc. Whereas off-campus you would typically have to pay extra for that stuff. Living on campus you also get to meet lots of new people since you are sharing this living place. So, there is a lot of good reasons to live on campus.

    10.0 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life