9.0 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life

    Looking From the Inside Out


    Nscc is a very popular college and has many locations across Nova Scotia. I opted for kingstec nscc because I loved the physical location and being in the valley. The admission process was simple, as all I did was send an application form with a $25 dollar fee which could have been waived at their open house if I applied then. I applied in February and got accepted in June. I had only applied to nscc at two locations which were kingstec in Kentville, and the campus in Yarmouth. I had high hopes in being accepted as I graduated grade 12 year with high honours.

    Course Curriculum


    The course curriculum is a lot but is not too challenging. I find it does repeat a lot of outcomes throughout multiple courses.


    This program interested me because I love helping others and so I decided this was what fit especially for only being a 2-year program. We go on two placements in year two which will be of great help with helping me choose a perfect career. There's a maximum of 18 credits I believe available. In order to be accepted in the program, I had to have my grade 12 diploma.


    My campus does have job opportunities and you apply and go through an interview process just as you would with a job. The nature of the work of helping others by running a free will store as well as tutoring opportunities. Hours are minimum but different hours are available from night to morning. Any student is eligible to apply. If your grades are lower it's harder to get a teacher to recommend you to tutor a fellow student.



    I have not yet been on placement but I have been seeing how much work goes into them for each student just in my class. There are so many different job opportunities to go on placement for and all over the province and outside the province if wanted. There is a number for alumni relations and that is 902-491-1152.



    My college celebrates many events such as: Career exploration sessions Open house All abroad ( nscc student get a chance to study abroad) We have events that include diversity and inclusion and events such as cpr etc to help students build their portfolio.


    My program tuition alone is 3415 not including my college fees and such. And this is for one year of my two-year program. I was granted a couple of grants through the province of Nova Scotia as well as a student loan for both my years of study. I received a scholarship through the legion in Digby for $1000 in my first year of study. I received through multiple essays I had written my graduating years of high school. Scholarships for international students are available but I'm not sure exactly how much and how to do that but I'm interested in finding that out in the future.


    I was approved for a student loan and received grants for this school year. The process for me was good I just had to apply months before school.

    Examination Structure

    Exam structure is not a cause of anxiety for myself and is compatible with my style of education.



    The faculty of my college are great and are very one on one with their students and help with all student needs that they can help with. I've been told my class is a big class but we only have 24 students so this allows faculty to interact with each of us!



    I chose to rent outside of campus as there is no campus housing at kingstec. I also had a campion which is my beagle puppy and so renting was my best option. I have come across challenges as far as income and being able to cook full meals. My first year I ate very unhealthy and that was because I bought cheap unhealthy items. My rent is all-inclusive and I lucked out on that because others around the area have a much higher rent plus utilities.