The benefits of the U of W

    8.7 /10

    I opted for this particular university because it is very close to my house compared to any other university. I only need to take one 20 minute bus ride and I'm there. I also chose it because it offers programs that I like, like physics and computer science, and acting. It is also a very accessible university

    Course Curriculum :

    The course curriculum is very good, as it has a lot of classes Id enjoy taking. However, some of the classes are required, and should not be required, like a mandatory indigenous course

    Exams :

    I joined because I enjoyed physics in high school and did very well in the class. I want to continue doing physics and maybe pursue a career as a physicist. To get into the physics classes however, you need to have taken pre calculus in high school. If you haven't you must take another class that supplements pre cal

    Internship :

    Yes, they include co op work programs, but you need to have done 30 credit hours in order to apply for one. There are a lot of different opportunities, like note takers or helpers. The hours are flexible to your class schedule

    Placement :

    The pay for on campus jobs starts at minimum wage but seems to be higher. Some of the job opportunities are for different disciplinaries of students, like exclusive offers for business students. I have seen offerings for note takers, helpers, and there was a music program helper job I was interested in. The teachers can create these applications for students if that teacher needs help

    Fees :

    The programs there are cheap compared to other universities, ranging from $300 to $500 for different types of classes. One semester came out to over $1000. I used student loans to pay for my classes, and they paid them in full. I used Manitoba student aid, which is a combination of a provincial loan and a federal loan. It doesn't start to collect interest until 6 months after going to school, so until you are completely done school you don't need to pay it back.

    Examination Structure :

    I have not had any exams yet, but it seems to be in class exams or a final writing assignment. There are mid term exams either before or after a break in the fall called reading week.

    Faculty :

    The professors at the university all seem pretty friendly and accessible, and have helped me whenever I require guidance or assistance. They are all very knowledgeable and credible so far

    8.7 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life