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    Reviewing Nova Scotia Community College

    Courtney Boutilier

    During my grade 12 year we get information given to us by different post secondary schools. I went to a different school (Cape Breton University) for almost five years after graduating highschool and realized I wanted to switch career paths. I decided to take this program at Nova Scotia Community College. I looked up on their website all about the school, the tuition, the courses I'd be taken within the program and realized this is what I want to do. I found out you could take this program fully online which then made me want to take it even more because now I could still work full time and go to school. With already having student loans from previous schools at CBU, I needed to continue to make money to pay for this program instead of loans. I had a high 90 average graduating grade 12 which was an absolute honor to be gifted with the awards I was at graduation.

    Course Curriculum


    The course curriculum is great. It is organized and is very helpful throughout your studies.


    After taking five years to realize this is the program I want to be apart of, I checked into it and you only need a grade 12 diploma to apply, but you need to main at least a 60 average in the courses to graduate. The course is only 1 year and the exam that's required is for the accounting course which shows you can use the software. So far I only did one exam and I got a 75 on it.


    I know they do offer work experiences for each program and campus jobs if you view their website they have different listings within the school. I'm actually registering in a work experience course coming up in January which requires so many hours to work at a place you hope to work for once you graduate.



    I'm not sure about this yet as I never went for a placement yet. But I do know every student has to do a work experience course if you're program requires it. Depending on your program, there are a number of job roles offered.



    I do not attend the campus so again, I don't know exactly.


    They fee is structured into a Full-Time Tuition $3,415 and a Part-Time Tuition $452/unit. Most programs allow a part time / full time option which is great for students. I know they do offer scholarships for international students, I just don't know what every single one is called. I never looked into their scholarships. I also did required to have any loans for this program.


    I did not.

    Examination Structure

    There is two proctored exams for the accounting course which allows you to show the instructor that you can use the software you've been using throughout the course. Really shows you're the one doing the work since someone has to be watching you not like with your assignments.



    I wouldn't really know the exact faculty-student ratio as I'm not at the campus but I do know that the faculty that I've dealt with for this past almost year has been great. They answer you in a timely manner, very professional and helpful. Anyone you contact is always willing to take time to help you understand what you're asking or lead you in the right direction to someone who can help. I can't praise this faculty enough, they deserve recognition.



    I did not face any challenges as I did not need to travel for my program. It was online. I'm currently living at home and taking this course online, I never ran into any challenges with meals, travelling, accomodations.