Western Review

    8.8 /10

    My mother graduated from Western, and I love living In London. I applied late due to a change in majors, and applied to three schools overall. I applied through OUAC, and it costed $150, if I remember correctly. My grade twelve average was eighty eight percent, and the cutoff was eighty seven for my year.

    Course Curriculum :

    I enjoy it. Some are tedious, but overall, I'm allowed to pick much of what I like.

    Exams :

    There was no real background required. I settled on the history program because I want to be a secondary school history teacher, and my second teachable will be French. Getting my BA in History will allow me to progress to the teacher's college, which is ultimately my end goal. Working with children is great.

    Internship :

    I haven't had a job at the university, but they offer both summer and full-year jobs for students that work around class schedules. Likely minimum wage. I have no idea what working hours are, but likely not too late, for many.

    Placement :

    I'm not sure, I haven't participated. I know there definitely are placements, as a friend of mine did one at a local business and she really enjoyed it. She said she was paid minimum wage, which isn't a lot.

    Events :

    Every major holiday is acknowledged. Rosh Ha-Shana, for example, had classes cancelled since my professor was Jewish.

    Fees :

    Mine is $8000 a year, though I don't receive any loans. I've got $3000 in scholarships overall, though, hoping to earn more eventually! They were just the Western entrance scholarships that are awarded automatically. I believe the criteria comes down to averages, but I also believe it's different every year.

    Scholarship :

    I received $3000 in scholarships, which was automatic from the university.

    Examination Structure :

    It's fine, fairly standard, I believe. Lots of essay questions.

    Faculty :

    I love it! Class sizes are generally small, and when they aren't, they're broken down into small tutorial sections. I've NOT personally met my instructor, which makes getting engaged easy.

    Hostel :

    I lived on campus for a year and am now off campus. Living in a dorm was great, but juggling my meal card could sometimes be tricky. Meals add up fast. I eventually had to reload my card, which was fine, but asking my parents for more money sucked.

    8.8 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life