Portage College - A journey to mold one's career

    7.7 /10

    Belonging to a textile business family, I have been brought up under the umbrella of marketing and management. Since our business was restricted to our place, I had been mulling over the prospects of expanding it to a greater extent. I was a high school pass out back then and I had no idea how to go start it. That's when I decided to pursue a business course abroad to gain enough exposure in a short span of time. Business Administration Diploma in Management, a two-year course offered by Portage College came as my first option when I surfed through the sea of the internet. It was persuasive hence, I managed to convince my family for my endeavor. Also, the application process of the college wasn't tough. I filled up the International Student Application for Admission form that came with an application fee of $160. I had an average score of 80% from high school and that was enough for me to get through the admissions.

    Course Curriculum :

    In addition to college instructional hours, I find myself spending time in Student Learning Services where I take assistance to improve my memory, essay writing, enhance my mathematical mind, and inculcating time management skills. Most of my fellow mates are also involved in career planning sessions and Students Associations.

    Exams :

    I am from India and hence, I applied as an International Applicant. My admission process was confirmed to the certain mandatory requirements and I was expected to submit my proof of English Language Proficiency. To fulfill this requirement, I took up TOEFL and I secured 88 marks. My test scores surpassed those minimum cut-off scores and I was through.

    Placement :

    Since I am a first-year student, I do not have much idea on the job placement offered by the institute. However, two of my senior roommates bagged a Business Instructor role and another a bank job. They both are placed with good packages.

    Fees :

    I paid about $2000 for tuition fee per semester. Aside from this, I had to manage with the Student Association fee, Comprehensive Fee, Technology fee, Book and Supplies Fee, and other expenses incurred from accommodation and food. Also, to deal with my expenses, I have applied for Scholarships and Bursaries this year through a common application form. I have enquired from the scholarship's department that no criteria are being set to avail of the opportunity.

    Faculty :

    My class size is very small with a total of 14 students. This said, the kind of attention and focus each of us benefit from this advantage is out of the world as our professors are equally friendly and approachable. Their expertise in their respective area of study is evident in the lectures they provide and I must say that I am blessed enough to have them as my tutors.

    7.7 out of 10
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