ST. MARY UNIVERSITY: Be the part of a diverse and friendly community of students.

    8.5 /10

    This university is a research leader. I believe only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to gain sufficient knowledge in any field. I wanted to join a university that focuses on practical and research work, so the best college I came across was St. Mary in Canada. Along with it, they help the students with scholarships, which was a benefit I was already looking for. I was charged $40 for the application form as I applied online.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course has been structured very well, that it helps to develop skills in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, scientific analysis, problem-solving, and interpersonal communication.

    Exams :

    The admission is merit-based. The eligibility differs based on the country you belong to. And being an international student, I was also asked for English language proficiency so, I took the IELTS test in which I managed to score 89.

    Fees :

    The fee I pay is $14,000 (annually) for a full-time program and university bus pass (U-Pass) that is $160. are various scholarships available depending on the previous academic records and need-based. Some of the scholarships are awarded to students for their exceptional academic performance and for some, the students can simply apply.

    Examination Structure :

    My course i.e, BSc in Biology requires 45 credits a whole to get the degree.

    Faculty :

    The faculties not only teach us but they also keep on undergoing some research works. We are often invited by our professors to assist with the ongoing research. This gives us a piece of practical knowledge in our field and this experience is quite valuable to us. They even give us the opportunity to conduct our own research under their guidance.

    Hostel :

    I live on-campus as it is easier to attend the classes and the campus avails us to a majority of facilities. The on-campus housing has a capacity of about 1000 students, getting a residence in 3 buildings: Vanier House, Loyola Residence, and Edmund Rice Residence. Usually, all these buildings have suites or apartments with single and double bedrooms. To apply for on-campus residence, the student will have to get an -S- number, which can be obtained from the -Account Activation page-. Then they can apply for the residence through SMUport by paying the application fees of $25CAD.

    8.5 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life