Okanagan College - For those with a mission

    7.5 /10

    Being a Computer Science specialized student from high school, before applying to any college I tested my interest by attending some online classes. That's when I realized that I should focus on database systems which are a developing field. Scanning through various available colleges, I came across Okanagan college offering a bachelor's degree in computer systems with a database as a specific concentration. With some background specialization in mathematical applications and English language proficiency, my application was chosen for admissions. I paid an application fee of $100 as I applied through the online application process. Also, I have a personal computer which is considered as one of those important requirements for the course study.

    Course Curriculum :

    Currently, I am in my first year of study where I learn a wide variety of subjects that includes Operating systems, System analysis, and design, Visual Programming, Networking and Telecommunications, Information Technology, Critical Writing, and Mathematics. Second-year would mostly have its focus upon base subjects such as web development and computer data structures. The third and fourth year majorly is concentration inclined and hence, I would be studying Database Management, Database Administration, Software engineering, and Management Principles. Overall the course curriculum that the college has put up is appealing enough and satisfying.

    Exams :

    Any Non-native or International Student is expected to submit his/her proof of English language proficiency. I took up two language tests to be on a safer side. One was Test of English as a Foreign Language (Paper-Based) and the other was the Pearson Test in which I scored 575 and 55 respectively. While I cleared TOEFL, I lost Pearson cut-off to a minute difference.

    Placement :

    Canada being one of the fastest improving technological hubs, opportunities I would say is endless. All students could somehow manage to track down on a job, apply for a work permit, and continue to reside in the place for their work as well. In my college, from what I heard from my seniors, a lot of employers are bringing a bundle of job offers to all the students. Employers include Westbank First Nation, Binnie, Saturn Animation Studios Inc, and Mould Engineering.

    Fees :

    My coursework comprises of 40 courses equivalent to 120 credits and the length of it comes to about four years. Based on the credits of the subjects pertaining to a semester, tuition fee per semester vary accordingly. I have paid about $55,000 towards the total tuition fee corresponding to the whole program. As of the Scholarships, there is no mention of it on the website.

    Examination Structure :

    The exam structure is not mentioned. Exams might be conducted sometimes outside the class timings especially during the evenings and weekends. In such cases, students could arrange to make a prior intimation if they cannot take up the test at the mentioned time and schedule the same for some other day.

    Faculty :

    All of my professors are very friendly and interactive. Their methodology in teaching says a lot about their expertise and experience in the subject. Also, my batch size ensures to provide a good student satisfaction with a low student to faculty ratio. All students are mentored and monitored separately and are provided with proper feedback then and there.

    Hostel :

    I decided to opt for on-campus residence the moment I saw it on the college website (Plus Off-campus housing is not available nearby). The college offers five-bedroom flats on a sharing basis and studio suites for those who prefer privacy. I presently stay in a five-bedroom apartment with my newly-found friends, which comes with two bathrooms and one common kitchen. No meal-plans are offered since with super-markets and other stores a step away, students are expected to prepare their own food. Bedding and kitchenware should be brought along by students themselves and the college is not liable to offer those facilities.

    7.5 out of 10
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