University of King's College - A place that is fine-tuning the journalist within me!

    8.0 /10

    Social issues have always been my interest area right from childhood. Newspapers and News channels, which were my father's everyday evening rituals, slowly started having an impact on me and it ended up becoming a part of my practice too. In fact, that's what made me take up Bachelor of Journalism degree. Though I had applied to several institutes across the world, I was able to bag a place for myself in the University of King's College in Nova Scotia, which I found to be a renowned institute for its Journalism education. With an average score of 86% from my high school, my small contributions towards journalism in the form of papers and articles, a thousand-word essay about myself, and an application fee of $65, I completed my application for the program through Dalhousie university application.

    Course Curriculum :

    Apart from those hectic classes and assignments, I find myself engaged in a number of groups and societies. They include Contemporary Studies society, where I take part in a couple of social events, Day's Students society that keeps me sociable, Journalism Society that lets me take part in campaigns and work on honing my journalistic skills, King's PRIDE Society where I combine with a like-minded lot in fighting for the rights of LGBT, and King's Wordsmiths that facilitates writing workshops infrequent intervals.

    Exams :

    Since all abroad Universities require students from other countries to submit their English language proficiency proof, I started my preparations on the same even while being in high school. My TOEFL (Internet-based ) test score of 92 with all sub-scores more than 20 fetched me a go-ahead signal with the admission process at King's, since I was able to meet the college's cut-off requirements on the same.

    Placement :

    Being a first-year student, I do not have any idea about placement opportunities offered by the college. But, there are plenty of on-campus work opportunities available for all of us to apply for, to manage the expenses incurred during the period of study. I have been working as a Facility staff for about a month now that I get about $13 per hour. This gives me exposure and a chance to interact with a number of other college members and provides enough space to know more about one another.

    Fees :

    I shelled out around $10,000 towards my tuition fee expenses for my first-year foundation program. This is exclusive of my residential and meal plan fees. And with my average score of 86% from high school, I was awarded an entrance scholarship worth $2,000 which didn't require any separate application to avail it.

    Faculty :

    Since my class size is small, I find myself often interacting with my professors on my doubts and queries at ease. They are the way too accessible and experienced too that keeps me satiated with their lectures and clarifications. Their giving a number of assignments as homework keeps me on the level with the everyday lessons that I don't face many struggles during the time of examination.

    8.0 out of 10
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