My Academic and Personal Journey at Schulich Business School

    7.2 /10

    I always wanted to pursue business administration to get a diverse knowledge in the field of business. I had applied for 5 to 6 colleges in Canada but I always wanted to get in the Schulich BBA program. I had paid $15 for application fees. My application process was not very lengthy, I applied through the online admission portal.

    Course Curriculum :

    The subjects included in my curriculum were business administration, financial management, accountancy, mathematics and economics. The course provided me with in-depth knowledge about the subject and helped me to gain skills of leadership and management. It is a full-time program and offers a great skills for potential aspirants of the business world.

    Exams :

    My interest in the business administration field was my reason to choose this program. This program required at least 55% in 12th grade. I took IELTS for demonstrating my English language proficiency to get in. I took IELTS and scored 7.5 bands overall. I was also required to submit my official transcripts and financial stability proof.

    Placement :

    My college offers recruitment programs such as internships and work for students. In order to meet their recruitment needs, these programs and internships allow businesses to post and promote their part-time positions to Schulich business students.

    Events :

    Throughout the year, the university hosts a wide series of events to help us connect and adapt to a new climate. Some of the events include - student exchange program, new student pre-arrival webinars, and a lot of enjoyable activities are regularly held.

    Fees :

    I had paid around $31,500 towards my tuition and fees. The books and supplies had cost me around $1500. My miscellaneous expenses were around $2500. I had availed the Divakara Varma Memorial Award that covered around $1,100 of my expenses. It is an award offered for continuing education.

    Faculty :

    My college has around 13 skilled faculty members and professors. The heart and soul of our-program are our faculty and the fields of their study are diverse. Through their work, many of our faculty have gained worldwide recognition and students recognize the value of their teaching and inspiring capacity.

    Hostel :

    I lived at the off-campus apartment and invested around $7,000. The cost of traveling was about $3,500. Some of my friends lived near the university at the apartments and had spent about $9,000, including meal plans.

    7.2 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life