My say on the efficiency of the college

    8.7 /10

    I passionate to pursue business administration in order to gain a wide range of business knowledge. Also, my official documents, a financial support affidavit, and a copy of my resident card had been sent. I had to apply a form of immunization and a letter of good behavior. Apart from this, the application process was done online. A $60 application fee was also asked by the college.

    Course Curriculum :

    My college offers in its curriculum the following courses and subjects: Management Accounting, Business Plan Development, Global Business Environment, Operations Management, and Strategic Management. I am fully satisfied with the course curriculum and the pattern that is adopted for teaching business programs.

    Exams :

    I took TOEFL for the English Language Proficiency test and I submitted my 700 TOEFL test scores as evidence of language skill along with 3.0-GPA-for admission. The reason to join this program was my ability and interest in the business forte since high school and being from a business background I also intend to take the family tradition on.

    Placement :

    Medical Hat College connects the students with employers who offer jobs and employment opportunities. Currently, there are 7 jobs available in the fields of Business, Finance, Accounting, and Commerce.

    Events :

    Medical Hat college has been a fun place to be. I always enjoyed and lived events like never before. The college celebrates Halloween, Remembrance Day, and also organizes sports events like basketball and volleyball games.

    Fees :

    I had paid around $19,500 for my tuition and fees. The books and supplies had cost me around $2,000. My miscellaneous expenses were around $2500. I had availed Student Education Loan from a bank in my home country. I started repaying the same after graduation and it helped me cover most of my tuition and books fee.

    Faculty :

    The professors were primarily published in journals and presented at conferences with terminal degrees. My teachers helped me to raise awareness about the benefits of higher education and business careers. I have been taught evaluating and designing ideas, talking effectively, and being convincing.

    Hostel :

    I stayed at my uncle's for a while and then moved to an independent apartment near the college. I chose to live off-campus due to affordable prices. My friends who lived on-campus had reviewed the college accommodation well and they enjoyed and liked the meals there.

    8.7 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life