Special attention on Extracurricular!

    8.8 /10

    After completing my B.B.A in India with an average CGPA of 8.75, I was looking at colleges to learn the business. The first thing on my mind was M.B.A but I dropped the plan because it would nearly take 2 years and I was looking for some quick alternative and that was when I found my college. With an application fee of almost $150, I applied through the online application. I wanted a college in Canada because I have a relative who wished me to handle his business therefore, I opted for this college.

    Course Curriculum :

    The program is very well structured and helped me in my overall development, unlike many MBA programs that focus only on developing technical skills. I personally felt that the Collaborative MBA program that includes additional emphasis on personal formation, competency, relationships, and business without harm to people or the environment was one of great importance and a key feature of the curriculum.

    Exams :

    Apart from giving my university exams in India, I have also given GMAT and IELTS, because regardless of which college you are applying in, you need to have a good GMAT score and a very good IELTS score. I had a score of 8.4 GPA after the end of my B.BA degree which is regarded as quite a good score. Apart from that, I had a score of 6.5 in IELTS which is decent and also good score of 610 in GMAT.

    Internship :

    The course is planned as such that there is hardly any time for the students to plan for some full-time internships. But if someone is ready to work overtime then they are ample opportunities in the college campus and also outside of it, even sometimes you can talk to your professor and he gives you some light tasks to do. But obviously it is not enough to support yourself fully.

    Placement :

    The college provides a lot of placement opportunities and every one of our senior who have sat for the placement have got a job generally as business manager and some as consultant and policy decider, moreover, the college alumni's are very good and helps in the placements a lot. The student who got the highest placement of $60k (approximately)till now, got that from alumni referral.

    Events :

    There are lots of events that keep on happening all the time in the college that the students have to decide which to attend and which do not. I am naming two of them which I have personally attended. European Study Tour Complements Classroom Learning for CMU Business Students.

    Fees :

    For an international student like me taking full-time (24 credit hours) courses, living in a dormitory, using the full meal plan, and paying for required health insurance fees, have to pay about $17,000 (Canadian dollars). Also, there are lots of financial aids available that really help the students in paying almost 50 % of the tuition fee.

    Scholarship :

    No, I personally have not received any financial aid, rather I did not know that my college provides aid, but later I saw almost all my friends are getting financial aid Scholarships, awards, and bursaries. The staffs support you with all the way they can by arranging meetings with a financial services advisor who is willing to answer questions or meet with you to discuss money matters.

    Examination Structure :

    We had two main semester exams twice a year but the entire marks are distributed into attendance, class performance, workshop activities. Along with the semester exams, there are exams in the middle of a semester to check the preparation of the students.

    Faculty :

    I was trained under very supportive and interactive faculties with each faculty member taking care of around 10 students. I literally love the way the subjects are taught making it more practical and interactive. The faculties being some business leaders and consultant also encourages the start-up culture. I am even able to approach them for doubts even when there are no scheduled classes.

    Hostel :

    The college offers an affordable on-campus residence so I decided to stay on campus where I need not have to worry about my meals and safety much, Also staying in the college means getting an opportunity to spend time with our friends and explore campus life. And I can guarantee from my experiences that your stay here will be a golden memory in your life.

    8.8 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life