Why choose Psychology?

    9.3 /10

    After I completed my bachelor's, I was looking for a college abroad to pursue my masters degree, and one of my friends told me about this amazing college and after a lot of research, I decided it to be the one. The SGPA of 9 in my bachelor's degree helped me a lot in getting through the admission process. I had applied to the college through an online application form and an application fee of $85 was paid by me.

    Course Curriculum :

    The psychology course provided me with the key facts about this subject. The field touched on my curriculum are psychopathology, safe & effective use of self, social dimensions of psychotherapy, etc. This curriculum has helped me study psychology systematically and with keen interest as every aspect is touched up by this curriculum. It provides both practical and theoretical knowledge to make us field for ready.

    Exams :

    I submitted my IELTS test score of 6.5 to prove my language efficiency. I was also required to submit a letter of recommendation, financial statement, and some other documents. The good scores in my bachelor's also gave me the advantage to get admission to the college.

    Internship :

    My college does not offer professional internship per se but the professors being trained professionals in this field take the students under them and provide first hand experience with real clients. I am currently interning with my professors to gain more and more experiences in the field. Students can join of campus internships in community center which are tied up with ADLER.

    Placement :

    Brands of Canada is soon to become a partner with ADLER to support new and exciting employment training program. The visiting companies in our college are ALFREDS, PACT and Brands of Canada. Students get placed into these companies with attractive pay packages. These companies directly recruit students after graduation based on merit.

    Events :

    Our college conducts educational events like Lunch and Learn to Blaze or not to Blaze and Psychology info session. The Lunch and Learn event is held to discuss the emerging medical scenarios around the world and the introduction of new drugs in the market and also the emergence of new mental conditions. It helps students to understand the field they are getting into. The Psychology info session provides students with information about ADLER'S study programmes and help students to choose between the most suitable programmes according to their field of interest.

    Fees :

    I have paid a tuition fee of around $650 per credit and $100 for each trimester, which makes up to around $7,800 for 12 credits and around $800 dollars for 8 trimesters. An additional administration fee of around $100 was also paid by me along with a processing fee of around $150.

    Scholarship :

    I had applied for an undergrad GPA scholarship which started at $12000. I had applied for the scholarship during my admission procedures. It was a meri- based scholarship. It helped me cover up to around $10000 of my total experience expenses. To get the scholarship I had to write an essay on the topic "How to keep an environment green and clean" having 500-750 words.

    Examination Structure :

    The 3-year course is divided into 8 trimesters with 7-6 credit-based subjects in each trimester and each trimester consists of 12 credits. The exam structure is discrete and convenient and gives importance to both practical and theoretical practice.

    Faculty :

    The faculty of my college is very cooperative w tooth students and have time call degrees and have published journals and presented in conferences. They resolve every doubt. They have helped me open up my mind to grasp every piece of info outman. They interact with us on a personal level. They are as inquisitive as we are and have made learning for us rather easy. They have helped me develop problem-solving skills in life.

    Hostel :

    I have stayed in the on-campus hostel facility provided by the university and spent around $9000 for the accommodation. The rooms were clean and bright and have all the necessary commodities. The traveling expenses amounted to around $2000. Books and supplies have cost me around $1500.

    9.3 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life