About the CEGEP colleges

    10.0 /10

    As an artist, I wanted to expand my work to the digital platform as well but for that, I needed to understand the field properly and Cegep de Jonquiere provided me the opportunity to do so. I wanted to take my art abroad and Canada was the perfect place to do so as many of my friends are there and they told me about the college. The GPA of 9 in my bachelor of Fine arts helped me get admission into this program. I applied online and also paid around $60 for application.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course grid is divided into two parts general education and specific training because of which I have been able to achieve collateral knowledge of different fields along with complete concentration on my core subject. The curriculum construction has been very convenient for me as it enables me to put my creativity out there and at the same time make me aware of the techniques on how to improve it. The curriculum offers subjects such as strategies in history, 2D&3D observation drawing, techniques, process and materials, color techniques and process, photography techniques and process and the likes.

    Exams :

    Expanding my know-how about various platforms on which I can produce my artwork has been very important to me. Also, I wanted to expand the boundaries where I produce my artwork. This was the major reason for me to join this program. To be eligible to join this college I had to submit my TFI score of 850 to prove my French language proficiency and the submission of the SARSL certificate of achievement to obtain my final letter of admission.

    Internship :

    There are 2 options for international students like me to join an internship program- group internships or individual internships. They are funded by government scholarships. The individual internships are offered in English, French, and Spanish. To apply for an individual internship a form had to be completed 6 months prior to the internship. I have applied for an individual internship at an art museum as a graphic designer. It is a six week programme and I will be paid on the basis of the quality of the artwork produced.

    Placement :

    There is a Student Employment Service portal on our college website which helps us find the jobs in accordance with the area of our professional specialization. The placements services send outrageous resumes to the companies on our behalf and establish contact between us and the company. In this way, we find the perfect job as per our potential. About 40% of my fellow batch mates have been placed successfully. We also provide on-campus job opportunities, openings are posted on our website on various departments such as- College cafeteria, Student affairs department, film club etc. And we can join the respective departments as per our choice.

    Events :

    A number of events and activities take place in my college like- collective kitchen, Christmas market, art exhibitions, basketball, Cinema clubs or film festivals and theatre. The events are diverse. An online portal is maintained for us to register for the upcoming events and activities.

    Fees :

    I had paid the tuition fee of around $20,000. I had also paid around $60 for online application along with the application fee of around $90 for the Quebec certificate of acceptance. I paid around $ 200 for a study permit in Canada, the registration fee of around $300, books and school supplies have cost me around $400, winter clothes for around $500 also a fee for social and sports activities were charged for around $510. Scholarships available for international students are: Housing Scholarship which provides free housing for 1st year of studying, CPMT Scholarship which covers $1,700 of the expenses and the Excellence scholarship which covers around $14,000 of the cost of studies.

    Scholarship :

    I had applied for CPMT Scholarship during my admission procedures. It provides around $1,700 annually to cover the expenses of the college. I had to submit my high school transcripts, TFI score of 850 and my previous university scores. I had also planned to apply for the housing scholarship as it would've helped me to cover my residential expenses.

    Examination Structure :

    There are 4 sessions for both general education and specific training. For each group, exams are conducted separately. I have to give more practical based examinations. The structure is very helpful as I can contribute equal amounts of time to both my practical and theoretical curriculum. It also helps me self evaluate and enables me to improve myself wherever I lag behind.

    Faculty :

    Professors in my program are great artists, they have their paintings and works displayed in galleries and are exhibitions. They have a colorful perception of various artworks and have helped me give a definite shape to my creativity. They are very passionate about teaching. They have made me understood that there are no boundaries for creativity and helped me let go of any restrictions in my mind. They have a plethora of knowledge about painting techniques, history of art and also about the digital platform and how it can be used to reach a wider Mass. I have become more imaginative and confident about myself because of my Professors.

    Hostel :

    I had availed the on-campus residence provided by the college. I had paid around $3000 for the accommodation and $2000 for the meal plan. The accommodation was extremely comfortable, the rooms are well ventilated and bright. It is also located at a distance of 25 minutes from the campus. I get to spend time with the other students of my college as well, they have made the water of the culture there.

    10.0 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life