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Vineeta Dangol, Nepal

Cegep Marie (Victorin)

Interior design
BATCH : 2022













Updated on 27, Nov 2019

Cegep Marie (Victorin)

Pursing Interior Design at Cegep College

  • I admire different architectural patterns and designs. I wanted to explore my admiration for architectural skills and love for colors so I decided to pursue interior design from Canada. I did a lot of research and then found out about Cegep from an acquaintance. I applied online and paid a fee of around $90 and also had to submit my high school transcripts during the admission procedure along with my birth certificate.


    The curriculum spans over 6 sessions each of which is divided into two parts General education and Specific training. The curriculum has given me room for multi-tasking, on one hand, I get to gather information about subjects like philosophy, physical education and language and on the other hand, I get to express my artistic freedom. The curriculum is knowledge enhancing and had helped me to open up my thinking process for better.


    I like color themes and tones and incorporating them into architectural designs. That is why I decided to enroll myself in this program. I had to submit my TCF score of 550 to prove my French proficiency as the interaction of the College was in the French language. As I had learned French in high school it gave me an advantage.


    The exams are conducted at the end of each session. Practical and theory exams are conducted separately. As a student of interior designing I have to give more practical exams, but the theory exams hold as much importance as the practical ones. The exam structure is discretely constructed as it gives us time to give our best to the curriculum.


    The faculty is very helpful and cooperative. They are highly experienced individuals with terminal degrees. My sense of color mixing and pattern making has improved because of them. They have helped me become innovative and as a result, I can now produce classic designs. They have helped me sharpen my skills for a bright future.


    I had paid the tuition fee of around $15,000 at the beginning of the semester. I had to pay the fees for application of around $90, for obtaining the Quebec Certificate of Acceptance of around $120, for obtaining the Canadian resident permit of around $240, for ancillary of around $400 and for health and hospital insurance of around $700 along with the fee for winter clothing of around $600.


    I had availed the residence provided by the college. I spent around $12000 for my accommodation including my groceries, rent etc. The rooms have a private bathroom and are furnished with a double bed, a work desk and a small fridge and internet access. There are community kitchens on every floor with stoves, microwaves, freezers and lockers. Off-campus facilities are also available for us which includes the options- Bedroom, Flat sharing and Housing.


    There is an online service of School and Professional Information service available for us to help us build our career paths. They inform us about different professions and employment prospects. A Job Searches service is also provided for us which gives us one-to-one group support. It helps us contract our resume for attracting maximum attention to ourselves and our accomplishments. The visiting companies in our college and positions offered by them are: The chateau-patternmaker, Mitchell gold+Bob Williams Montreal- Design Consultant, Labatt-Electrotechnician, Fall organizer- Outdoor Center L'Estacade and many more openings. On-campus jobs are also provided to us in the library, physiotherapy lab, visual arts Hall and the likes.


    The internship program provided by my college is of 3 types- Palestine integrated into the program profile, internships credited internationally and complementary projects to the program. In the projects integrated into the program, there are international projects in Humanities and language options on both of them traveling is involved, in the international credited program internships into the special education field, fashion production, social work and other such sectors are offered and in the complementary internships projects specific to each program are assigned. I have been assigned a project in my interior designing course as well, it has helped me to gather experience for my future.


    Many events and activities are undertaken in our college. Many workshops are also conducted like lyric art workshops, theatre workshops. Activities include- intercollegiate snow sculpture festival, the intercollegiate exhibition of plastic arts, soul on-screen competition, live performing arts competitions, scientific competition etc. Environment activities are also performed.


    I had applied for the Cegep Scholarship beforehand. I submitted my TCF score, a recommendation from the high school principal, transactions of high school, valid passport details and all the official documents, a copy of a birth certificate, an admission letter from Cegep, and a letter of motivation. The scholarship provides $14,000 annually and had helped me a lot to cover my expenses.

  • Monthly Expense : $2500 - $3500

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