A Bachelors' degree from St. Mary's University, Canada.

    9.0 /10

    I was always keen to study at a Canadian university and so I had applied here. The application process was very easy and I had applied online by creating a new account. I had paid an application fee of around $ 40 with my credit card and my secondary and high school transcripts were mailed to the Admissions office of St. Mary's.

    Course Curriculum :

    Our curriculum was excellent and combined two very important fields of technology and business. Programming languages, Database programming, communications, Networks, and Security and Strategic Management were some of the courses I had taken.

    Exams :

    Business and technology are inter dependent areas in this day and age and as I was choosing my program, I came across this program which combined both these aspects into a four year degree program. This is the reason, I chose this program. I'm from India and I was required to have a class XII or a Higher Secondary School Certificate with a grade score of between A to C. I had scored grade A . It was not mandatory to submit English test scores as an Indian but I had submitted my TOEFL scores, just in case.

    Placement :

    Our Career Services department on campus, had career and employment coaches. They helped us with career guidance advice, resume writing and job searching. We did get to participate in a lot of career fairs in our college years and meeting employers face to face there gave us an idea of their expectations and what they were searching for.

    Events :

    We had a lot of sporting events at St. Mary's such as intramural sports. We also had student clubs and our student association.

    Fees :

    I was a full time undergraduate level student and my tuition fees for each course was around $ 1980 . I had at least 18 credit hours each year. As I had scored more than 80% in my class XII examinations, I was automatically put into consideration for an Entrance Scholarship. I did not have to apply separately for it. It was renewed each year provided I scored a GPA of 3.67 between September and April each year and my award was $ 1000. It was important to apply much before the deadline so that I could be considered for it.

    Faculty :

    We had wonderful professors who taught us the necessary skills with which we learnt to use our knowledge of software and programming to solve modern day business problems. In our first year we had a good number of students in our class, but towards the third and final years we had around 20 students in our class.

    Hostel :

    I had stayed on campus. We had residence halls with furnished rooms and amenities such as kitchen, laundry and stores nearby for all necessities. It was mandatory to buy a meal plan and I had chosen the Freedom Plan with unlimited meals, which cost me around $ 2300 each semester. My room was double occupancy and it cost me around $ 5800 each year.

    9.0 out of 10
    9.0/10Social Life