I studied BBA at Okanagan College, Canada

    10.0 /10

    I had applied online and had paid an application fee of around $ 100. I had made the payment online through my credit card. I had uploaded my secondary and high school transcripts and had also uploaded a copy of my valid passport.

    Course Curriculum :

    I was a full time student and my program was of 30 credits. We had about 10 courses and the quality was really good. I had chosen Marketing as my specialization and we used to participate in competitions and community projects locally.

    Exams :

    I had chosen this program as I was always keen to study business administration and I hope to do further studies in this field, such as an MBA. There were a few entry requirements to this program. I had to provide my scores in English, Mathematics and two other subjects of my choice, with a minimum of 70% in my high school English. I also had to demonstrate that I had sufficient knowledge of class XII pre calculus and Principles of Mathematics. I had submitted my IELTS test scores too.

    Internship :

    We had co op work opportunities while studying as a full time student on campus. I was an international student therefore there were some rules to obey. Firstly, it was important to have a valid study permit . I could work as an intern only if it was mandatory for the completion of my full time degree. I had chosen Business Administration and internships were a part of my program for which I had to apply separately.

    Placement :

    We had a career planning and counselling department in our college. We had access to websites where we could search for jobs and internships. We had the opportunity to participate in workshops and get career guidance from experts.

    Events :

    We used to take part in clubs and local community service volunteering.

    Fees :

    As an international student, my full time, undergraduate tuition fees were around $ 7000 each semester, for my program. There were no scholarships or bursaries for international students. Loans too were available to only Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

    Faculty :

    We had excellent faculty who were highly qualified and had many years of experience working in the field of business. Many of them had MBA and doctoral degrees and were attached to research work in the fields of finance and accounting. They were eager to help us succeed and were always ready to guide us. We had a student faculty ratio of approximately 19:1 and we had about 15-20 students in our class. So, our teachers knew us personally by name.

    Hostel :

    We had really wonderful campus apartments. I had lived in a five bedroom furnished apartment with a few other friends . t was fully equipped with high speed internet, an equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. I had paid around $ 2100 each semester for my accommodation and meals.

    10.0 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life