Me studying at Confederation College

    10.0 /10

    Since my school days, I had wanted to pursue my higher studies in North America as the quality of education there is really high. I was particularly interested in Canada as my family has friends there. I had applied to this college as I was studying abroad for the first time and wanted to begin in a smaller college so that I could acquaint myself with the education standards here, before pursuing higher studies in Canada. I had completed my application on the online portal and had paid an application fee of around $90. I had submitted all my high school transcripts and a copy of my passport.

    Course Curriculum :

    Our course was extremely well designed and had all the components of contemporary marketing strategies used by businesses. We learned really interesting things such as , industrial sales and how to actually carry out advertising & promotion for the products and services of a company.

    Exams :

    My father has his own business which he hopes, I would take charge of after my studies are over. I particularly chose the diploma in Marketing as its really an important aspect for the success of each business. Another reason was that this program would help me in my further studies in Marketing, in Canadian universities. I had submitted my IELTS scores of 7.5 as a demonstration of my English proficiency.

    Internship :

    In the last semester of my diploma program, I had been placed in a four month internship with a local business I got to work on a real campaigning program. It was a compulsory part of my program. It was an enriching experience from which I learnt a lot on how marketing works in Canada. I'm hoping that this would add value to my CV and help me in my future job search.

    Placement :

    We had a Career services department on campus and we were helped immensely on how to make the best resumes . We also got trained on networking skills and interview tips. There were job opportunities as retail managers and public relations specialists , with salaries of nearly $65000 each year.

    Events :

    We had fun events on campus such as Open House various sports tournaments . We also had friendly lunches and gatherings where we could interact with our batch mates and get to know them well.

    Fees :

    My tuition fees each semester was around $ 2000. I was really pleasantly surprised at the time of my application, when I had gone through the program fees as it was really reasonable, considering the fact I was to study in a well known Canadian college. After enrolling into my program, I had applied online for the Early Entrance Awards offered by my college. I had to register with an account for this and answer a short survey.

    Faculty :

    My professors were experts in marketing, having worked with top MNC's in both Canada and abroad. They were really nice and encouraged us to express our own innovative marketing ideas in the class and were more than willing to help out with any difficulties we faced.

    Hostel :

    Even though we had family friends in Canada, I had opted to stay on campus for the reason of convenience in attending my classes. I also wanted to be with my friends and so I had stayed with them in a furnished campus apartment for which I had paid around $8000 each year, including my meal expenses. Our apartment had all utilities included in the bill such as the internet, electricity, etc.

    10.0 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life