My college journey in Canada

    7.5 /10

    My College provides education, training, and services to facilitate the learning and development of knowledgeable, skilled citizens in a caring, supportive and dynamic college environment. My GPA was around 8. I was required to submit an online application form. My application fees were around $160. Along with small class sizes, individual attention, and additional instructional hours, all contributed to my success and employability post-graduation.

    Course Curriculum :

    My program focuses on the real-world application of core business theories so you have the tools you need to manage people, finances, production, and promotion effectively. The program was great and gave me the knowledge to incorporate into my new job and even my daily life. The instructors were so supportive. Not once did I ever feel like I was just a number.

    Exams :

    I was keen to learn this program to uniquely prepare myself by allocating more instructional hours for the application of concepts that the big schools simply don't have time for. I was required to submit my TOEFL score of 8. I was required to submit my official transcripts, a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and a financial affidavit.

    Placement :

    One of the most exciting but sometimes difficult decisions a student faces is making a career choice. My college offered career counselors helping to facilitate career planning through discussion, exercises, and testing that helped me with the process. Classroom Workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs of students. Career fairs, career workshops, and workshops were even organized at my university.

    Events :

    The events organized involved Aboriginal teachings from guest speakers brought into the classroom, participation in sessions such as the Blanket Exercise and a tour of the Residential School at University. Indigenous awareness is a common theme within the college and both staff and students are encouraged to increase their knowledge in this area.

    Fees :

    My tuition and fees expenses were around $20,000. The university provides an annual student stipend of around 42,000 and charges no tuition and students are covered by comprehensive health, dental and vision plans. The university even provides additional support for research-related expenses of around $2500. Students can even apply for fellowships, supplemented by the university, plus $5000 in case of competitively awarded fellowships.

    Faculty :

    In all programs and levels, tools and tutorials, workshops, online learning resources, and one-on-one peer mentoring support to help me along the path to reaching my academic objectives and professional goals. All the faculty in the program have completed diversity training as well as are engaged in the Indigenous Canada course through the University of Alberta, while a couple has also completed the Aboriginal Awareness course through the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

    Hostel :

    Living on campus is more than just a convenient place to stay. Whether it's your first time away from home, or if you're a returning resident, you will find that living on campus provides a safe environment that promotes academic success and provides plenty of social, recreational, and educational learning opportunities. My living expenses were around $15000, including my meal plan expenses.

    7.5 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life