My learning experience in Ontario

    7.8 /10

    I wanted to get admitted here as it was known for its small classes, individual attention from faculty, and commitment to academic excellence. Huron has grown to become one of Canada's leading university institutions, one where students are encouraged to grow intellectually and personally in a supportive, involving, and challenging community environment. After securing a GPA of 8, I had applied through an online application form for $150.

    Course Curriculum :

    My program was built with a heavy focus on basic foundational research knowledge in Psychology. With the emphasis on research skill development starts in the first year and continues throughout the program. Core research courses focus on the scholarly study of Psychology in various subfields with supplementary elective courses in many diverse topics such as Neuropsychology, Theories of Personality, Health Psychology, Persuasion, Biopsychology, Infancy, and Behaviour Modification, among many others. Psychology at Huron focuses on the development of core research skills and continues in all upper-year core research courses.

    Exams :

    I was keen to experience unlike any other that prioritizes ethical leadership and community engagement, as much as the pursuit of academic achievement. My university maintains strict admission criteria for multiple reasons but provides students with the personalized attention they need from professors who have the capacity to deliver it. I was required to submit my internet-based TOEFL score of 96 and an SAT exam score of 1370. The documents required were my official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a financial affidavit.

    Placement :

    Beyond the classroom, Huron opens the door to a world of international opportunities from exchanges and work/study programs to volunteering for development agencies. Indeed, we were prepared for a world of possibilities. All leave equipped with solid skills, a commitment to social responsibility, and the potential for personal growth. The Career Development team helped me to plan for the future, to gain the experiences and skills necessary for standing out in a competitive workforce.

    Events :

    Along with real-life learning experiences as we can, so they can extend what they learn in the classroom to their broader communities. My college helped me to build upon my perspective, portfolio, and personality. Huron has a club, sport, or athletic activity for you. My college helped students to get involved in ways that nurture their individual's gifts and make them happy. Some of the events organized at my university include learning to thrive, theology open house, and mindful Monday.

    Fees :

    My tuition and fees expenses were around $20,000. My books and supplies cost me around $3000. My university rewards academic excellence and provides a number of automatic scholarships as well as scholarships that require an application. I had applied for a scholarship that hovered around $1000 of my expensive tuition fees. I was required to submit a statement of purpose and a financial affidavit for the financial aid.

    Faculty :

    I had experienced personal attention from faculty and staff, a warm campus community, and the pursuit of academic excellence. Because class sizes are small, I enjoyed lots of interaction with professors and classmates. instructors took an active interest in our learning. Every student who welcomes the challenge of interacting with unparalleled faculty and peers in classrooms where you?re held accountable to show up and show off.

    Hostel :

    The Off-Campus student experience at Huron is eye-opening and beneficial. With an extensive support system and a unique sense of community, being an Off-Campus student allows you to become a strong Leader with Heart. My room and board expenses were around $10,000. Non-Resident Students have a few options open to them. You can purchase the full year meal plan or one of the bulk meal plan purchase options. The meal plan cost me around $5000.Living on campus puts you in the heart of all the action at Huron.

    7.8 out of 10
    9.0/10Social Life