My journey as an International student

    7.5 /10

    College is your direct pathway to Simon Fraser University Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was a unique opportunity to begin my degree studies in a supportive learning environment, on the campus of Simon Fraser University, and be successful. In addition, the variety of cultural and sports activities allowed me to thrive during my journey. My GPA was around 8 and I had applied through an online application form for which I paid around $80.

    Course Curriculum :

    My course provides the foundation for further study in many aspects of business and commerce to help you choose your area of specialization for your Bachelor of Business Administration degree. My program aims to train professionals capable of working in commercial management and marketing. Sales and representation, business start-up, personnel management, business law, inventory, and supply management, as well as economic analysis, are the basic concepts of the training. My area of study promotes the development of skills to perform well in this new marketing niche.

    Exams :

    I was keen to pursue my career in the field of business administration as I wanted to join my family business after completion of my studies. I wanted to learn the art of making business decisions and lean the skills and knowledge required for my area of interest. I had to submit my IELTS score of 8 and an SAT exam score of 1255. The documents required for my admission were my official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, essay writing, and an identification certificate.

    Placement :

    I had done a paid internship in my field of study in the summer. It allowed me to validate and specify a professional choice, to live the reality of the job market linked to the study program, to greatly improve the employment prospects and many others. The employer, for his part, benefits from the skills acquired by a technical training student and prepares his succession.

    Events :

    My university offers a wide range of sporting and cultural activities suited to your interests. Forest hikes, biking, kayaking, sailing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, ice fishing, cinema, shows, cafes, festivals, concerts, etc.

    Fees :

    My tuition and fees expenses were around $30,000. The books and supplies cost was around $2000. A completed application must be submitted to the university together with supporting documents, such as birth certificate, or family card. The application form can be obtained from the university where the student has enrolled. My scholarship aid covered around $5000 of my expensive tuition fees.

    Faculty :

    Classes are much smaller than the usual university lecture size. FIC students have longer class hours which allows more time to better understand the course and they have regular access to lecturers. Additionally, I received extensive academic and personal support, not only for my studies but to help me adjust to living in Canada. All classes are four hours duration. The class content may consist of a lecture, workshops, computer laboratory sessions, or interactive activities.

    Hostel :

    For students wanting to live on campus, SFU provides fully-catered single room accommodation, as well as an on-campus hotel, were visiting family members can stay. Buses operate between the campus and Greater Vancouver's rapid transit system at the foot of Burnaby Mountain on a regular basis. My room and board expenses were around $8000, with a meal plan costing around $5000. SFU also has campuses in Surrey and Downtown Vancouver.

    7.5 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life