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    7.5 /10

    My college acknowledges the diversity of service in the Kingdom and seeks to enable students to discern their call and develop their unique gifts and character for a prevailing Church. My GPA was around 7. My college was accredited with the ABHE (Association for Biblical Higher Education). I had applied through an online application form and my application fees were around $100.

    Course Curriculum :

    My program of Intercultural Studies meets the growing need to prepare those who have work, life, and post-secondary education experience, and want to volunteer or work in a cross-cultural setting. My program prepared me for the mission field, assist them in meeting the criteria set out by individual agencies and increase their effectiveness as global workers. These experiences along with the potential for leadership development give the students hands-on experience and helps to build confidence for further cross-cultural endeavors.

    Exams :

    My College is committed to developing innovative spirit-filled leaders. The programs are fully accredited and designed to suit your passion. I had the opportunity in order to be immersed in intercultural studies through hands-on ministry. I had submitted my internet-based TOEFL score of 95 and an SAT exam score of 1240. The documents required for my admission were my official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a financial affidavit.

    Placement :

    The Pastoral Care and Counselling Program is designed to develop leaders who provide effective care to those in need. We were taught to develop pastoral counseling skills to help others with issues such as mental health, spiritual struggles, and addictions. The journey includes personal development, theoretical instruction, and practical experience in pastoral counseling.

    Events :

    The university arranges exciting events throughout the year for creating a link among the students and teachers. Some of the events being celebrated include- concerts, career fairs, dirty jobs, debates, and hydropower technology competition.

    Fees :

    My tuition and fees expenses were around $30,000. My books and supplies expenses cost was around $4000. At Vanguard College, they help students to graduate with as little debt as possible. I had applied for a scholarship during my admission procedure, that covered around $1000 of my expensive tuition fees.

    Faculty :

    My experienced professors strived to design a learning environment that suits the needs of each course and student. Most classrooms are outfitted with ceiling-mounted projectors to aid in the learning process. My program is designed to be flexible in its delivery methods, catering to a variety of individuals in various stages of life and pursuit of their calling to cross-cultural service. The emphasis is on education and experience in both discipleship and missions.

    Hostel :

    Student Housing is a service offered to our first-year students, to assist them in building community and making the transition to college life a little bit easier. The Shepherds Care Vanguard cafeteria is the hub of student activity. It's a great time to not only eat food without having to prepare it but also to catch up and enjoy time with friends. Meal tickets can be purchased for meals throughout the week. My living expenses were around $12,000, including my meal plan expenses.

    7.5 out of 10
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