Ingrid's Review

    6.8 /10

    I went to this college mainly because of the reputation it had for the arts. I wanted a school that would not only teach me practical art techniques but also processes that would help me make it in business. This school offered this alongside many opportunities with companies.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course curriculum is interesting starting with a foundation year before entering your degree. The foundation year allows exploration but is also directionless and vague. The actual degrees are rather high quality in education however, I found that people stay an extra year just to learn more.

    Exams :

    University level exams in HUMN100 and HUMN101, scoring A. No other exams other than high school Albert diploma exams in Math, Physics, English, social studies, IB math, IB English, and IB history.

    Internship :

    Yes. They provide a co-op program after your second year in school. This program allows us to get credits while working, they take you through the process and it is rather simple to receive. It is good to gain experience while also continuing your studies.

    Placement :

    We have a job opportunity board that get some filled up commonly with co-op opportunities. Many people from outside of the school also view the shows and pick up students for jobs. Because of the opportunities and the fact that companies know of the quality of the students, there are high possibilities of getting a stable career.

    Events :

    We celebrate the widest events but also multicultural ones. The school acts highly on mental wellness celebrations and things that tend to be overlooked. Other events such as art shows have common celebrations, a large one being the foundation show. Recently there was a celebration for Persian New year and a wellness week for wellness month.

    Fees :

    About 4000 dollars for the whole year, other charges being the cafeteria food and art supplies. Next year additional charges would include books.

    Scholarship :

    I have a Rutherford scholarship. This process was taken because of high grades in Alberta high school, I simply filled out a form online and sent in my final diploma.

    Examination Structure :

    The exam structures change depending on the program. In foundation year the exams are open book but structured so that you have very little time in the exam so you have to study to understand. Two essays are written from a random choice of images or texts to compare.

    Faculty :

    The faculty at my college is a mixed variety. Every teacher provides a new style to adapt to, but there is always a chance to get the teacher that suits your needs. Everyone is friendly nonetheless which provides a nice environment to reach out to someone.

    Hostel :

    We only have off-campus housing. The website and help received for it are bad and confusing, so normally the students are left to their own to find housing in a place where there?s isn't much available. Housing is also not affordable.

    6.8 out of 10
    5.0/10Social Life