I have a great experience in Quest University.

    7.2 /10

    I really liked Quest because it is different from every other college, students study through a Block Program and can focus on one class at a time. Quest also gives you the freedom to design your own degree and really really cares about its students.

    Course Curriculum :

    Quest operates on a Block Program so you take a credit class for a month, work hard learn everything there is to learn, and move on to another class, this is a great format as it helps students focus on one thing at a time and give it their best as well as learn a variety of subjects. It has really helped me critically think and actually understand concepts instead of learning only to worry about grades.

    Exams :

    I submitted 1 Sop, 2 LoRs, and had a college-specific essay according to my given prompt. in my CV I highlighted my volunteer work as well as work I did specifically to my interest. I want to pursue Psychology so I highlighted my work with the Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society for India. Yes, I had an interview with an admissions officer, my suggestion would be to research the university and programs and understand their ideology and what they are looking for in the students they want, also be ready to talk about your interests and everything on the files you submitted on your application, but most importantly remain calm and breathe.

    Internship :

    Not yet

    Placement :

    Post-study placements vary depending upon the field of study, there is a strong alumni support network and Quest is great at helping you get into graduate school.

    Events :

    Quest has a variety of small clubs that range from Art to Social Justice, because it is a small school there aren't a huge number of students in every club but there are always activities to do on campus. Wifi is really good and I love food. The library is really big and is a great space to study.

    Fees :


    Scholarship :

    I received a Presidential scholarship for 7500 CAD, for this I wrote an Essay specific to the prompt and submitted it.

    Faculty :

    Quest faculty is very approachable and caring, as it is a small University, tutors have one on one conversations with you and help you do better through continuous feedback and ways to improve. They also appoint senior student tutors to help you with coursework if it gets too much.

    Hostel :

    Yes, I have, there are single occupancy rooms with a shared bathroom and have all facilities, the average accommodation rental is 8200 CAD.

    7.2 out of 10