Shri JG CoOperative Hospital and Research Institute started as a part of an existing hospital for the purpose of research and education. The institution is a perfect blend of vibrant environments coupled with science and a perfect utilization of technology. The institution is dedicated to researching related studies of Ayurvedic cure to various diseases and also is equipped with the perfect technology necessary to carry out the studies. They believe in reviving the disappearing importance for Ayurveda and bringing back the rich strength of Ayurveda from the ancient society to today`s world for the overall benefit of mankind.

Facts and Figures of Shri JG CoOperative Hospital and Research Institute, Bangalore, Karnataka

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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences







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Why to Join Shri JG CoOperative Hospital and Research Institute, Bangalore, Karnataka?

  • Departments and studies: This institution has been recognized as best among the various institutions that provide courses on Ayurvedic medicine. The departments available in the campus focus on various aspects of Ayurveda and also, the curriculum is designed so as to give the maximum benefit to students who are looking for a learning opportunity. Well-Trained faculties who have a wide knowledge in the particular area are chosen to impart education to the students who in turn will spread the knowledge of Ayurveda to the society.
  • Research: An extensive research activity in Ayurvedic medicine is ongoing on the campus and students are encouraged to be a part of them. Also, students are encouraged to take up any new niche of the Ayurvedic medicine and conduct research. The institution is well-facilitated with equipments and other resources required for the work.