Shekhar College of Nursing, Bangalore was founded on the basis of the idea that the medical knowledge should be passed on to maximum number of people and thereby lead a change. The grueling sedentary life can prove to be one of the foremost reasons of encountering many diseases. It is the study of nursing and biology that keeps the entire human generation going. The entire curriculum of the college is designed in such manners that advance practice nurses contribute as an equal partner in the interdisciplinary health care arena. Nursing provides an essential service to humankind, and this is what makes it worth studying as nothing is better than helping others in need.

Facts and figures of Shekhar College of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka

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Why to Join Shekhar College of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka?

  • Laboratories: Nothing can help if the practical dimension is not added to any learning. For the practicality of the concept, one has to have the best laboratories. Shekhar College of Nursing has one of the best laboratories, and this is what helps students on an enormous scale. The college has all the required set of equipment for performing any practical work. On the other hand, students have developed considerably faster just because of the idea of practical education and implementation of the same.
  • Other facilities: Apart from the laboratory, the college has a vast library. The library has most of the books related to nursing and biology. There are many journals as well as magazines kept in the library that make it possible for the students to have a look at the ongoing research. Also, the college has transportation facility of its own which makes it quite easier for the students to reach the destination and that too on time.