Tata Main Hospital School of Nursing, Jamshedpur, believes in the conception of health as laid down by WHO- Health is a condition of entire physical, mental, psychologically and socially well and is not merely the absence of disease or sickness. The errand of this school of nursing is to produce, distribute and apply knowledge as it relates nursing care of individual, group of people, community in health and illness. The main objectives of this nursing school are to pass on training and education to young and educated citizen of the nation so as to raise the employment opportunity and also to cater a valuable asset to the society in form of a nurse. The school of nursing provides the students to work with medical and paramedical personnel and participate in different programs for prevention of disease and promotion of healthcare in the country.

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Jharkhand nursing council

Why to join Tata Main Hospital School of Nursing?

1. Various research projects: Tata main hospital is an Associate in National Institute of Malaria Research expanding territories of research work. Malaria research project is already being worked upon. The main objective of this trial was to compare competence and safety of Arterolane maleate and PQR combination with Coartem.

2. A clinical Society: The clinical Society of TMH meets every Tuesday to discuss various interesting cases that doctors have treated in the hospitals. The society is the emissary for most of the academic activities in the hospital. It organizes an annual and a half-yearly conference, in which guest speakers of fame are invited.